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COINTEST: Cheesy Piggie`s birthday


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as i had so much fun give a cointest for my friend GEO.ERROR on her birthday..........

and we had so much laugh with all the nice cardzzz :D:D

i deside to give a new HAPPY BIRTHDAY COINTEST for my other friend CHEESY PIGZZZZ......


so as now she is sleeping i think :D

i open a cointest so when she wake`s up......... :D

she see all the nice birthday wishes from all of us......... :D


i think that would be very fun for CHEESY PIGGIE.........


so all friendzzzz go ahead and show your birthday wishes for LIZZYYYY..... B)


ohhh and pleazzzz keep the wishes human and nature friendley :D


ohhh and p.s as lizzy is like a diamant friend for all of us is the price is a diamant GeoGem :D


ohhhhh and p.s. p.s the cointest is close over 48 hourzzzz because we have so much time zones :D

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Hope your day brings you many smiles and cheers since you do have alot of friends here in the forums. May your wishes be fullfilled with happiness.


Hope you have a splendid day.


Many Hugs,


From your Friend,


Barry and Valarie of sweetlife

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Να ζήσεις Λίζα Και χρόνια πολλά,

Μεγάλη να γίνεις με άσπρα μαλλιά!

Παντού να σκορπίζεις τις γνώσης το φως,

και όλοι να λένε να μία σοφός!!! :D


This is the Greek happy birthday song!

In case you want a translation (I am sure you want!), here it is, in free translation and not excact translation (if it was exact....you would't get the meaning!):


Happy birthday Liz, I wish you to live many years

Grow old and your hair get white

To spread the light of knowlege to all

And everybody will say that you are wise!




Happy birthday my friend!!! My best wishes!!!! May all your dreams come true!!!











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My buddy in high school used to feed his Pig old Hostess snacks and out dated beer! :D


Think ill just send warm Birthday wishes instead! :DHAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ Now if yoiu want old Hostess treats, ill have to go Dumpster divin...but I have no quelms with hoppin in and diggin out the goods! ~ Last time it was over flowing and it was truly Heavenly from a Fat Kids perspective!


I had a Twinkie TWINKLE in my eye for days! :D

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I'm ** NOT ENTERING THE COINTEST ** (although thank you for it, lorca.nl!)


I don't know CheesyPigs, really, so I would feel weird wishing a total stranger Happy Birthday for the chance at a coin. It just feels...mercenary.


I feel a lot better about wishing a total stranger Happy Birthday, though, because it's his or her birthday. : )


So: Happy Birthday, CheesyPigs! Remember to take a moment to roll in the cheese and have a terrific you-day! : ) : ) : )

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:D:D Happy Birthday, my dear ozzie friend :D:D




Because you’re very special

Hope your Birthday holds in store

Happy hours that overflow

With all you’re wishing for,

And hope the days that follow it

Make up a year that brings

Everything that you deserve

A million happy things.




:D Love you, smile friend :D

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