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Trouble with PQ's

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Elias has posted to the Announcements forum that the problem was some minor file. The server has been taken care of and is now working. It will take some time to clear the backlog. See this post.


Sometime early this morning, some minor filesystem corruption on our mail server caused outbound delivery performance to be severely reduced and a large backlog of email accumulated on the server.


The filesystem has been repaired and delivery performance has returned to normal levels. Due to the large backlog of email, it will probably take most of the day to fully deliver all queued mail.


I'll continue to monitor the server's health closely over the next several hours but I don't anticipate any further issues.


signalsmile.gif Elias



Thanks Elias and GS for your expedient response.

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I feel sorry for the Groundspeak folks. Why problems of this nature happen on the weekends is just amazing.


I'll shoot up a flair.

Thank you mtn-man!!!! :)


Just nice to know it was known about and they where working on it. Which I think they got the problem taken care of now. I just turned on my computer and see 44 e-mail's.


Thanks again for your time!!! It's got to be Murphy's law. Superbowl sunday of all time's too. :)


I think someone can close the thread.

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