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Man on the Land

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From an admiralty Libel of Review:


...The presentment(s) upon which the theft is based has been refused for cause timely (considering preparation of proper remedy) and the red ink original refusal for cause has been returned to Respondent in his copy of the counterclaim and summons. All other copies and the original counterclaim filed with the court have black ink (copy) refusals for cause on the presentment(s).


Verified statement of right


Petitioner owns the house, all property and land free and clear located at geophysical coordinates XXXX x XXXXX. [insert a digital photograph of the house here.]


Stipulation of acceptable answer


The issue is simple. Agents of a foreign principal are required to file their complaint in the appropriate district court prior to exercising any claim against a man on the land. This is international and common law. Respondent must directly address the validity...


And as a result of not distinguishing yourself on the land;





See that? Even the Mile High City gets swept away beneath the high tide mark without a geophysical description!





David Merrill.

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