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Can someone please help me fast here?


Question is: Can I just register that I've been putting a geocoin to a cache after I registered the actual cache as found?


I found a cache yesterday and I though before I found it that it was a microcache but it was a bigger cachecontainer than that. While posting the log I got the question if I put the Geocoin at this cache and I answered no. But today i will go back to the cache and put a geocoin there.


But how do i register this at geocaching.com


Best regards,

IndianaJesper :laughing:

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after you place the geocoin in the geocache, go back to the cache page and post a 'note' to the cache. its just like a 'found it' log, except you don't get a smiley. as you are filling in the note, at the bottom (just like when you log it found) there is the place a trackable. hi-light it there, then post log and there it is!


hope this helps

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