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Caching in Okinawa, Japan


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Hello all. I recently moved to Okinawa (Kadena AB) and need some advice on what GPS unit to buy. I currently use a Magellan Explorist 210 and have found a few caches so far (one actually belonged tlbeers :laughing: ), but without seeing roads it's difficult to get within walking distance. A little background on me: I've been caching for about 8 months. In the states, I would plug the coords into my TomTom and use that to get close to the cache and find parking. Then I would use my Magellan on foot to find the cache. Here on Okinawa my TomTom is useless, so getting close enough to park & walk to the cache is where I'm having problems. What do you guys do here in Okinawa to find caches?? What GPS unit are you using and where did you find maps of Japan? I'd like to get a new GPS unit.....I was looking at the Garmin 60CSx. Any thoughts/suggestions?? Are there any Okinawa Geocaching groups? Thanks in advance!

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There aren't any "groups" per say, just a bunch of us that get together every now and again and cache. Sometimes late night, weekends, etc... I have used the 76CSx, 60CSx, Colorado and Oregon. The 60CSx and Oregon are my favorites so far. We also have a local forum cacheoki dot com. If you have any questions, the local cachers seem to get on the other forums more often.



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I purchased this map and it works great in Okinawa.


I bought a 10meter TOPO coverage from Garmin (Japan), and the MicroSD card works just fine in my Garmin 550t.




The site is in Japanese but I have my web browser set to Translate and most of the translation to English is good enough to get a pretty good idea of what's offered. :ph34r:

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