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best disguised caches!

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The most interesting one I have seen was actually shown on a local news story about geocaching. It was in a metal post near a building the post had a small bolt with a nut on it sticking out if it a few inches down from the top. You pulled on the bolt out of the hole and there is a string attached. pull the string up which is attached to the bottom of the geocache. when you pull the string all the way out it makes the geocache, which was a small pipe pop a inch or so out the top of the post. I am always looking for new types of geocaches to find any thing better???

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The ones hanging right in front of our faces, but we are still not able to find them. :P

That's my favorite.


I hid an ammo box in an urban area. It was right out in the open. In fact, I could see it from probably 100 yards away. It lasted more than a year before I removed it because the other part of the puzzle changed and I archived the cache.



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