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Magellan SporTrak map HELP


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I am new to Geocaching and i got a magellan sportrak map gps, i need help on how to put in the coordinates or how to transfer them from computer to my gps. :D


Please help me, i am eager to start the geocaching.

Thanks for your time and help ..

please email me at singh_sra@yahoo.com


Try Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK for short). You can download geocaches from geocaching.com directly into GSAK (even easier if you become a premium member and create pocket queries) and then transfer them directly to your Sportrak.

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I used a Sportrak map for over 5 years, and truly loved it. I only ever inputted the coordinates by hand. Just be careful, and double check before you head out it is a bummer to be in the wrong spot because I transposed the last three digits!


To enter a caches coordinates use the button at the button, the man walking. Press it and it will 'mark' the spot you are currently at. use the center toggle button to hi-light the different data fields to what ever you need. I would change the way-point name to match the GCcode. Don't forget to take a printout of the cache page with you just to verify that all is correct when you get to ground zero.


send me an e-mail via my profile if you have any other questions. I really enjoyed caching with my sportrac map, I am sure you will too!



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