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I did a search and didn't find a topic that is the same as this since the new release. I may have missed something so in that case please guide me in the right direction.


I had a cache that was in my Bookmark List at one time.

The River Flows North Earthcache GCMW3F



At some point I took this cache off my Bookmark list.




However, I still get an email every time anything is posted to this cache.

It is not in my bookmark list, nor on a watch list.


Open for suggestions...

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Maybe you have a Watch put on it.

When you click on the cache, in the upper right near the log it link, does it say that 'you are among the 2 users Watching this cache"?

Or go into your account and cick the link for watchlists.


OOPS, I see you mentioned watches. Never-mind.

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