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CITO and local authority assistance?

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has anyone in the uk actually gone to their local authority and requested assistance and equipment/supplies to aid you in a cito event?

did they help out and supply things like skips and safety supplies to you free of charge?


i just ask because, i would like to try to start up cito events where i live, theres plenty of places it could do with cleaning up but some of it is a real dumping of appliances and rusty metal heavy stuff. i was wondering if i could get the authorities off their fat butts to clear this junk and stop this public eyesore continuing.


or am i more likely to skate around in hell before we get the council out of their heated offices?

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For my CITO's I liaise with the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. They supply all materials, insurance and means for the rubbish to be removed. All I have to actually do is supply the man power.


So if you can't get anywhere with your local authority then try finding out who looks after certain areas such as rivers or parks, like trusts or ranger services.


I have seen in the past people wanting to organise a CITO but the authority saying that the person will have to get insurance and stuff. If this happens walk away, whilst pointing out that you are looking to do them a service not the other way round.

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thanks for the advice haggis hunter. im sick of the state of certain beauty areas around wick, the riverside path for instance seems to provide various places for underage drinkers to sit and get nissed and dump the empties into the river (which is quite shallow) so it all gets trapped for everyone to see the ugly garbage. theres also a illegal scrap appliance dumping area in a would be nice little cove along the cliffside.

it just angers me that this happens.

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