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Veedubs and Cachers?


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.......but as they say, "If you aint rubbin' you aint really dubbin!"


Do people really say things like that? I have no idea what it means but I must use it at the next R&D progress meeting. The CEO will think I'm really on the ball.... or more likely, that I've totally lost the plot!! :yikes::wacko:

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I'm a big fan of mint condition campervans.They are beautiful to behold. :D


Too right! Especially the classic 'splittys'


We saw a couple of junk T2s driving along the road a few weeks back one had 'Death-trap Dubs' daubed on it and a massive Maltese cross painted on the side... 100% cool! :D





(This post was Mark's opinion) :laughing:

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Our rusty but trusty Mabel has taken us on many caching trips - and she has excellent ground clearance! Nothing better than after a cold wet caching walk, to get back to the camper and put the kettle on! Some may think we're biased (can't think why :) ) but it's really the only way to cache :);) !!!!

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It would seem that my oiriginal post was deleted!! I started this thread to see how many dubbers also cache!

Our T2 bus is a TB (TBMR85) and will be at a few VW shows this year... if you see us pop over and say hello!

And is currently logged into another VW Bus a german T4 which is a trackable mobile cache!


And V-Dubbers....nice one!! Any pics of Mabel?! You have good taste Keychain and CurryKev Delta et al...

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