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Most useless hint?

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I'm good at bad hints...


Another which was about 10 feet above the ground - tucked in a hole in the side of a Tor was "remember this was placed by The Birdman" which I thought was a great clue to the fact it was up high - but loads of people wrote comments like - "We know who placed it, no need to tell us again"



I liked this hint I got it and it made me smile.

We used teamwork to go where the Birdman flies


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Time for some levity...

We've all seen the 'In Ivy' or the 'Base of tree', but has anyone got any other pointless or useless hints, be they too long, too cryptic or whatever.

I realise this might become a bit personal, so I'd like to set a rule that the cache, the locality or the owner must not be identified.

Just give the 'Hint' and explain why it didn't help. Then if the owner sees it here it is up to them to change it, have a laugh, realise that it was not as helpful as they intended etc.


This topic was thought of today after we had a DNF on a cache which was in the middle of nowhere, in brush/shrub land across a dual carriageway (for our US readers that is a divided highway ) from an abandoned truck stop, which was about 1000 feet away.

The additional hint was...Used to serve good lunches across the street.


Classic. The GPS had got me nearer than that!! :)


'White Fence Post' when there must be at least 50 of them!

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For a magnetic nano:

"RHS of the bench as you sit on it"

Except there are several benches near each other, GPS shows between three of them and none have backs.


I have a feeling this is the same one I was thinking of looking at this post :D


:) I've a feeling I know which cache you are talking about too :D


BTW, congratulations on your first FTF (First to Find) today, on my latest cache :D

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Two recent ones...............


Way to go. Easiest way to get to this cache is to park in Burdett Way. Have added this due to the number of mails I have had and looking at the various problems folks have had getting there.




Best to park on Mount Pleasant Road in the layby. Don't forget to visit the pigs down the footpath.

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