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Off road driving involved caches?

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There are some 2-trackers in the UP, north of you. There are some real neat ones in Utah, where you just about need a Jeep-type vehicle to get there. I would supposed they are in almost every state, some more than others.


There are attributes for ATV, 4x4, significant hikes, etc. Maybe a search specifying these attributes might help, Of course, the CO would have had to chose them to make the search good, but it might be a start.

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I assume you are from Royal Oak, MI

I am a member of the Two-Trackers 4x4 club.

We have a few members that geocache as well as 4-wheel.

Sometimes we will grab a cache along the way when we wheel.

Grabbed this one and a few others in the area in October when we were on our fall color tour.


A few sites for you to check out:

Our club site


Statewide 4x4 site with a forum:



good luck

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My first hide is a off road 4X4 ATV or hiking cache. GCZ4Y8 Find some areas that you would like to go to and then check them on the cache Google maps. Go to the Google map and zoom way out and then you can zoom back in where you want to go off road and see what pops up. Also you can get some coordinates for an area you want to go to and then do a search with them.


My first cache.


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My favorite caches are places that I can ride to! I have even placed several caches in places I have explored. The best way to locate caches in these areas it to look at the caching map. Drag the map into the areas where you want to go 4x4 and see what is there. If there are none in your area, then you should place some!





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It's not any kind of extreme off-roading, but there is Take it & Break it at the Mounds off-road park outside of Flint, MI. It appears to be the oldest cache in Genesee County, to boot.


I've been up there a couple of times, and it can be fun. Some really deep mud in places though. Getting to/from the cache is pretty tame, but there is plenty of room to explore around there.


Edit: Just saw where you're in MO now, so this cache isn't very close to you. If you're ever back in MI though...

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Here's a couple more in a Corps of Engineers ATV park: GCY65W and GCVHCM. There are a few more of them around here. One can get to both of these by foot as well, just gotta dodge the ATVs. ;) All of my current caches include lots of dirt road driving, and one road may sometimes be under water.


IMHO, the best caches are far removed from paved roads! :o

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for some reason it wont change my location even though i did it in both spots on my profile edit...

i am in platte city, mo and new to the area so other than the couple of ORV parks that are anywhere from 1 to 6 hours away i dont know where anything is

Bring up any cache page. Click on the "view map" up near the coordinates. Once the map loads you can zoom out as far as you want. Click and drag the map to center the area you are interested in. Then zoom back in and you will see any caches in that area. It will be helpful if you know some areas that you can 4x4 in so you can zoom the map in where you want to go.


If you don't know anything about going off road in your area you will need some help. If you were a premium member you could do a pocket query looking for caches that have a ATV Motorcycle or Jeep attribute. I did a quick search and found a forum called Great Lakes 4x4. Check out that forum and I would think they could tell you where you can ride. Then you can look for caches in those places. By the way, when I did a search for caches near GCZATP with the ATV Motorcycle and Jeep attribute I found 9 of them 60 to 100 miles from that cache. A pocket query with just the Motorbike found 500 caches within 86 miles. Just the Jeep showed 27 caches within 100 miles. Also look around for National Forests etc where there are dirt roads that you can ride on and check for caches. Good Luck

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If you want to come to beautiful BC - we can direct you to the ones we've placed or the ones we have claimed..


We're actually holding a 3 day event May long Weekend that will feature some awesome 4x4 caches.. some on a Nationally well known 4x4 trail called WHIPSAW, one of the best rated trails of BF Goodrich..







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