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Vista HCx Compass

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I know this was addressed at least once before in the forums, however I can't seem to locate the past posts. I am having problems with my Vista HCx compass. It tends to "jump" (read swing erratically) whenever I stop to try to get a fix on a cache. I seem to recall somebody mentioning how to configure the Heading Setup in the Vista's menus in such a way that it eliminated the problem. I used that suggestion on my old Vista and it did the trick there. Unfortunately I can't recall what the settings were, and I don't have the old unit around anymore. Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance.

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What I found worked best this year out hunting was to set the threshold to turn on the compass when the speed dropped below 10 mph for more then 45 seconds. So basically I left the compass on all the time I was out hiking round. It really didn't battery life enough to noticed; I was getting two 8 hour days use from 2100 mAh nicads. Hope that helps.

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