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another Google map issue


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When opening the Google map link on the cache page and getting a map of the nearby caches, the cache icons on the map show on the screen but are not showing up in the printed version. Only a blank square is there.. nothing inside to indicate the type of cache. ...traditional, ..multi ..puzzle and the found smilie face are gone.


Max OSX ver 10.4.11

Safari Version 3.1.2 (4525.22)


Example: http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx...p;lng=-




Edited to add an example. Note the empty square in the mid right side of the map that contains no traditional cache symbol. 1c61096f-a368-4344-bf92-00f846d64195.jpg

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That's a by-product of the way Google maps renders "print images" vs "display images"


I specify via the JavaScript API which image to use for printing and sometimes the browser won't print it correctly. Safari displays this bad behavior. The only real way around this is to generate an icon for each type/state/found status that a cache can be in. The problem with doing this is that instead of using the browsers caching ability, Google map will load each icon individually and this will cause some performance problems when showing 400+ markers on the map.


Long post short, until I can either create a fancy flash implementation, printing will have some drawbacks.


Of course as I'm writing this I'm getting some ideas, so we'll see what becomes of them :angry:



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Oh well, until Google maps works the way we'd like I'll just keep dragging my pqs through GSAK and on into Mapsource where they show nicely and print that way too, albiet without the specialized icons, just generic treasure chests. Print in landscape mode and a couple of pages will show you a heck of a map, at least at the cache density around here.


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since you are on a mac, have you thought of using 'grab' program in your utilities folder to make a screen capture to print? I do it all the time and it works pretty good.


i know workarounds are just that, but they are better than nothing.




Yeaaa!!! or "apple shift 4"... Thanks for the idea. I'll postpone the 6 hour download. :D

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..until I can either create a fancy flash implementation, printing will have some drawbacks.

Either that, or...? <_<


Maybe if I download that 80 meg Java update that shows up on my reminders every week

A Java update won't affect the maps. Oddly enough, Java and JavaScript are almost entirely unrelated.

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...and the added value of using the screenshot over printing the map directly from the site is that the distance scale at the bottom is retained. I've been caching without a scale on my maps since Topozone went under.

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