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Earthcaching in Cyprus


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I've been reading through tons of stuff on this site for the last couple of weeks and noticed a distinct lack of local EarthCaches- none on the island of Cyprus as far as I can tell.


There are some amazing rock formations and mineral deposits on the island and it would be great to mark some of them so visiting cachers get to see some of the island other than the beaches and archaeology.


Here is a link to some of the technical geology information



There are also some geological anomalies- like a road that you can stop a car on and appear to be going backwards uphill due to local rock formations; and the local coastline here in Pafos, where you can see shells that were deposited millenia ago before Cyprus was pushed out of the sea by plate tectonics. There are also copper mines, Serpentinite (sp?) deposits, very soft limestones (they carve as though they are chalk almost), asbestos mines, erratics and more.


So..... if I want to research some sites for local Earth caches do I have to worry that there isn't a local reviewer for them as far as I can tell. I know I'd have to check the GPS co-ordinates several times as we only have a very old Garmin 12 unit and have to do lots of research into geology so I knew what I was talking about- but do you think it will be worth it????


Any hints or tips? I saw the pdf documents about using EC's in the classroom/ for education but I can't download them at present as my laptop is running out of space!


:rolleyes: any help or feedback much appreciated!

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Oh cool thanks Cav Scout :angry:


I will have to get my thinking cap on and do some serious research! One of the universities in the UK comes to Cyprus with its Geology degree students every year to study the rocks in different places so I will have to see about contacting them and finding out where they go and if they might be interested in Earth caching too to see stuff they might not know about. There is also a national geology group and some local agro-tourism places that could be good to link up to! SO many possibilities!

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