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Abouts when will it be out?

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I am wondering the same thing


And have you seen the page for it on the Compass Rose site? It's all in some foreign language - Latin, perhaps? I cannot figure it out & translation sites are not much help. This is what it says:


Fere vel appellatio populus vel huic acsi ex, vel te vulputate. Adsum rusticus oppeto, demoveo fatua neque valde turpis scisco feugiat facilisi iusto autem. Neo pala autem at lobortis nobis incassum tincidunt aliquip ad vel hendrerit feugait ad dolor. Humo iustum nostrud ut iusto virtus in. Genitus humo duis et nisl quibus praesent epulae pagus, at, haero te. Meus te saluto laoreet at, iaceo, ut jugis wisi capio. Lucidus lenis, scisco usitas consequat consequat duis nostrud tum vero gemino accumsan. Iustum, ullamcorper iriure hendrerit, os suscipere, meus hendrerit aliquip augue wisi paulatim.


Distineo duis enim consequat ille, nobis multo nisl consequat hendrerit ut eum. Valetudo duis vereor mara hendrerit ex defui odio ibidem iustum patria loquor, nonummy.



Any ideas what it translates to say?


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I ran it thru an online translator and Latin translates into:


Almost or appellatio populace or in this even if out of , or you vulputate. To assist rustic oppeto , to take away foolish worthless intensely unseemly investigate feugiat easy due forms but. To spin spade but but lobortis us to no purpose tincidunt some to or hendrerit feugait to pain. Cover with earth what is right our when due forms valor upon. Sired cover with earth duis and nisl by which with a ready a banquet district , but , to be brought to a standstill you. My you to wish well laoreet but , to lie , when continual wisi catch. Shining smooth , investigate customary according to reason according to reason duis our at that time in truth to double to add to a heap. What is right ullamcorper iriure hendrerit , oris to undergo , my hendrerit some augue wisi gradually. Separate duis in fact according to reason he , us by much nisl according to reason hendrerit when he. Health duis to respect marl hendrerit out of to fail to hate in the same place what is right fatherland to say , ninth.


Maybe I'd better try it again! :angry:

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Congratulations! You've inadvertently uncovered a secret message within the cryptic latin text! :D


I ran it thru an online translator and Latin translates into:



Shining smooth ... to add to a heap.


mKay, so it's not really a secret message. But it's darn ironic (and appropriate for geocoin collectors), isn't it?




PS: It was originally supposed to be "Drink Your Ovaltine", but that's already been done.

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I got an email today that they are taking pre-sales at C&P.




Its the 5 year anniversary edition. They are putting out the 09 later in the year. Below is from the presale page. BTW if anybody orders sets I would trade a arctic neptunes compass for a black nickel compass rose(I got in a presale on the NC)


2009 is the fifth year of the official Compass Rose Geocoin™. This coin celebrates the anniversary by incorporating design aspects of all five years into one coin. It also adds one more special feature of an actual working magnetic compass. This is the first geocoin to have a working compass. Each coin has been given a special theme for navigation achievements world wide. We also added a black nickel Compass Rose Geocoin™ representing Black Sea navigation.


This is the first year we have designed a Compass Rose Geocoin that was not based on an actual compass rose used in navigation. Instead, the front side has a blend of designs for all five years of the previous Compass Rose Geocoins. Since this coin is introduced before the official 2009 Compass Rose Geocoin™, the fifth year design aspect is only slightly revealed. The backside shows the perils encountered when navigating the seas without good navigation tools such as the compass. From the belief of sea monsters and sirens, to storms and running aground or sinking, open water sailing was the most dangerous occupation of the time.

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I got an email today that they are taking pre-sales at C&P.




I got the same email, however the ones that are listed in the email are not the 'Official' 2009 Compass Rose coins. They are the 5th Anniversary Compass Rose Geocoin's. The 'Official' 2009 Compass Rose coins are not out yet, but I am hoping they will be out soon as well as everyone else here...

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