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The entries stop when the race starts.

Ashallond had entered just as the race bgan so it counts as long as it hasn't been picked already but sorry FScout , 9:30 was too late to enter as the race had been going for an Hour.




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Hi everyone,just wanted to say hi,having a great time on my trip with Opalsns son,my nephew, went to wind cave national park,mt.rusemore,devil's tower, yellowstone national park, then up to the virgin valley,NV to dig for firery opals,now we are in moab,ut,going to arches national park tomorrow,got some new states and earthcaches and finds. well chicago land tomorrow,got #29,kevin in the pool at the vfw, good luck to all.

KD1EJ and Roblobster

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Mark had a good car tonight. I was a little nervous watching JJ fly past him with 15 to go, but that chaos that happened right after that was insane.


And I had missed the bit about ht million dollar bonus to the fans. That was awesome. So they had to finish 1-2 for it to hit? That's so improbable....it had to happen. :)

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Good Morning Opalsns

Are we going racing today?


Sorry Babe,

No races this weekend...


I know, I know,.... Just breathe!!!!!!! LOL!


Next weekend, Indie, Tony's NASCAR Home Track. He'd probabally like to win as an owner there. I'm goin with Tony.


The Boys are back so your coin will be heading out soon.


Will also get Ashllands out too!!!!!!!



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that's fine opalsns, I hadn't even been to the school to check the mail anyway (that's my address on the spreadsheet) besides there's a lot of construction in the parking lots, and I was doing a week long workshop (whee *roll eyes*) anyway.


Just let me know when it goes out so I know to swing by.

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:) No racing :P Opalsns picking Tony, but of course :lol:

The boys are back, hope they had a good trip, lot's of stories I bet :( . What happened on the road stays on the road :P


You got that right!!!!!!! :)


There was a Nationwide race last night at 9:30 pm est, way to late for me. Got a couple of pics to post!!!


Have a nice Sunday, ( or Mon. or Sat. depending where you live!!!!)

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Remember that mess?

8 laps of racing and a pit stop for 4.

This is Tony's Place and he don't like them boys already, He swore he was gonna change all the tires in his fleet to Firestone, !!!!!

It'll be a good race. It's an EARLY race and if you can get ESPN2 on the tube, you'll be able to watch 1st practice, and Happy Hour today and tomorrow!!!!!!

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Let's Start This Thing !!!





You know how we play at Crow's House,


Pick A Winner!!!!!


First to pick the Exact Driver/Car Number gets that pick

One entry per person


NO Editing


Our Rules, They may change


Winner gets a coin of my choosing


That's It , I Think....

Let's Have Fun Out There!!!!


DRIVER"S at the ready......................


Start Your Entry's


GO GO GO !!!!!

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curse you haynes...that was my pick.


#42 Juan Montoya


(but i really think Martin is going to win)


opal, when did you send it out? My school is under some construction work, and the fewer times I go wander into the office, the better. I can usually tell about when things show up if I know what day they were dropped off in the mail.

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curse you haynes...that was my pick.


#42 Juan Montoya


(but i really think Martin is going to win)


Hey... Asholland... I just looked at your profile... what do you teach anyway?


I am a 6th-8th science teacher. I should be teaching high school chem, but I like the little guys for some strange reason.

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