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Daggy is approaching the 10,000 cache find milestone

geode hunter

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JeniSchmeni and Joeyschmoey gave this "Ammo Box" to Daggy for her 10,000 find. It kinda looks like a camper. Hey what's up with that?



Oooooh, that bog would look divine sitting inside a travel camper.


And one of those would be so nice for all those trips you take. Well, gee, you could leave the pop-up packed with all the basics and when you wanted to go somewhere all you have to do is toss in your clothes and grab some groceries.

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You know when we started geocaching it was just a few of us (family) who trekked out occasionally to hit a cache or two. The best part was doing something fun with the people we love.


Today, the best part is still doing something fun with the people we love. All of you guys. You are the best part of caching.


I am sooo excited about the pink camper ammo box. When Jeni handed it to me I wished for one of her pink ammo boxes. Much to my surprise Jeni and Rick kicked it up a notch! A pink camper ammo box. How perfect it that. The only thing better would be REAL pop-up!


Thanks for all the fun and the congrats.

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