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It's my birthday COINTEST


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Happy Birthday to You!!!


I'm asuming you mean something other than the scool band or orchestra concerts. :blink:


I honestly don't remember the first one I attended and that could be a very bad sign. :) My parents wouldn't let me go to concerts in high school. In college the school brought in the band "America" so that I guess could be the first one. I vividly remember the last one though--The Who......

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Happy birthday Vanelle!!!!!




Well... living in an island and not in the capital of greece is not the best for conserts etc! We only have some greek singers coming, so... my first consert if I remember well was with Vasili Papakonstantinou, a long time ago! Since you probably never heard him.... :blink:


Sparticus... tomorrow is your birthday????? WOW!!!


Happy birthday to you then!!!!! :)



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my first concert/gig was to see Rockbitch. this wont get me a win in your cointest as i doubt you would have seen them, i got to see them the first and only time they played in the uk. then they got banned from ever performing again in the uk.



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Happy Birthday Vanelle


I think I have everyone beat regarding the number of years past but I doubt I will win the contest :D


My first concert was Sonny and Cher, now that's taking you back. :blink: Myself and a bunch of teenage girls, driving downtown in my daddys Plymouth station wagon(pinkish color) that had a bad battery and half the time had to be jumped when you shut it off. Seats were somewhere in the first ten rows. After the concert we heard a rumor that the 2 were heading to their hotel for eats so we threw caution to the wind and made up our minds we were going to find them and sure enough we did. What a bunch of groupies :laughing: Along the way we had to have the car jumped twice and the third time when it died downtown it would not start and we had to make that terrible call to our parents :D Not sure how we talked our parents in to it but it was a great adventure. Thanks for the memories, it was like it was yesterday :)



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Sonny & Cher! ELO! The OSMONDS! What I would have given as a young teen to go see any of these - absolutely no need for embarassment there.


Folks I have seen in concert (not including the most embarassing first one at age 12 or 13) are as follows:


Billy Joel (3 times)

Queen (in Hyde Park, London)

The Indigo Girls


Chubby Checker

Blues Traveler

Hootie & the Blowfish

Cindy Lauper

Bruce Springsteen

Joe Cocker

Paul Simon

Blue Man Group

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My very first concert was Mickael Jackson at the olympic stadium in Montreal. We were so high seated that we had problem seing him on the big screen and the sound was....let's say we never go to hear a complete song just parts of it when sound got to us!!! :)

After that I went to see Luther Vandross and Gino Vanelli :blink:

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Black stage under a black curtain ... lights go down ... Freddie starts ,


Buddy Your A Boy Make A big Noise.....


...we will we will rock you

and as the guitar started , the curtains opened and Freddie was Standing there in a pool of colored smoke that poured down the stairs and into the audience.

Man , What a show.

Only my Aerosmith Concerts, were better, if you can believe that.!!!!


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Vals first concert she ever attended was seeing FasterpussyCat, Slaughter, and SkidRow, in Ironwood Michigan
Barrys first concert he seen is Poison and Warrant in Green Bay Wisconsin




I would've preferred them to my first concert, Trooper. But hey I lived in a small town and by the time they came around they were ancient....

also my first and last puff on a smoke!


Happy Birthday Vanelle! and many more!

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Ouch going to date myself here but first and foremost “Happy Birthday” and thanks for letting all of us share it with you (and we get the present, I like those kinds of birthday parties).


Ok here goes, I was oh 15 if memory has not failed me and I asked the girl I met at summer school that year. We caught a bus to Toronto and I even had enough money to take a taxi to the O’Keefe Centre (rename now) the band; Jefferson Airplane “the man” even threaten to shut down the concert if “all you hippies don’t stop smoking that stuff”. Had no idea or clue (at that time) to what he was referring too. :D


About a year later I had the chance to join some people to go to a town in New York State called Woodstock, but I was 16 and not sure I’d be alive once I got back home so I turned it down, doh. :blink:


Loved reading all the firsts and stories, a very wide range of concerts, but if I was asked about my favourite concert there would be a tie The Moody Blues and in 1974 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young where I was, just like Eltada, only feet away from my future wife and didn’t know it. :laughing:


So as the song goes;

“Remember what the dormouse said, Feed your head, feed your head”


Happy Birthday :)

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Happy Birthday.


I think I may be one of the oldest so I have no chance to win but my first concert was "THE BEATLES" in 1964 at Cleveland Stadium. I have seen a lot since then by last was Garth Brooks last January when he put did 5 concert in 26 hours in LA.


I am SO jealous!! My friend's grandfather said he would take the both of us to the Detroit concert for her birthday and my mother said no. Her reasoning was that he was "old" (must have been about 65 at the time) and because of that a poor driver at least that is what she told me. We were both VERY dissapointed to say the least. The funny thing is that she is 82 y/o and still driving. I wonder what she would think of her comment if I told her now.....

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I already told you my first concert was ELO, but I worked with the local stage crew doing setup and teardown at the special events center. The roadies would come in with all the equipment and use us local hires to do all the work. We would work 5 to 6 hours of setup, and then we got to stay for the concerts free and then worked 6 hours or so tearing down and loading. Hence I got to see lots of concert including



Spyro Gyra

Ted Nugent



The Outlaws w/ Willie Nelson

Fleetwood Mac

Joan Jett


REO Speedwagon





Kool and the Gang


and way too many more to remember

The roadies always gave us T-shirts afterwards and I think that was what kept me clothed through college LOL

I wish I had kept them all instead of wearing them.


Most recently, (just last year) I took my wife to see John Fogerty. Awesome even after so many years!

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The first concert that I went to was actually the US festival in 1982. There were a large number of bands that played that festival and I couldn't remember half of them so I had to go and look them up. It was quite a while ago and I was a bit younger then and with all the drinking and partying going on I only remember bits and pieces of it. According to wikipedia, the following bands played during that US festival:

Gang of Four

The Ramones

The English Beat

Oingo Boingo

The B-52's

Talking Heads

The Police

The Joe Sharino Band

Dave Edmunds

Eddie Money


The Cars

The Kinks

Pat Benatar

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Grateful Dead

Jerry Jeff Walker

Jimmy Buffett

Jackson Browne

Fleetwood Mac


I do remember seeing the Police, the B-52's, the Cars and Fleetwood Mac, but the others are just a blur now (and they were a blur then too)...


I wish I could have been able to attend the second US festival the following year which had a larger line up of bands, but I had some financial problems and had to work two jobs to pull myself out. With the two jobs, it was impossible to get the time off to attend.


Oh to be young again....

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It was 1983 when I went to go to the US festival.I still have my ticket from the US Festival.

I won a contest on wzou radio, The Zoo, It was

The Man With Two Brains Contest.

We went to hollywood with other winners from across the Country. They put us up at The Hyatt Regency on Sunset Blvd. We went to the private screening of the Man With Two Brains. (A Steve Martin Movie ) And the next day everyone went to the US festival, except me, I was pregnant with my son and was exhausted, so I stayed at the Hotel and rested. It was , What I called The Punk Rock Day of the Festival. They had Different style of music each of the 3 days.

Wow , Thanx for bringing back a memory!!!!!!


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