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Ever had to wade or swim for a cache?

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I have a cache by me that you have to wade through a swamp to get the cache. I checked logs and the owner says it is for those who are undaunted by terrain! This water has green algae growing all in it. I mean NASTY water. I havent given up on it yet but I am planning a day to go get it with my brother in law. We are going to put on our waders and get it. Has anyone else come across any this difficult to reach?

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One like that nearby. Waited until winter, when the swamp froze over. :yikes: Harder to do in Florida...


Yup, up in these parts, people can do swamp caches and canoe caches in the winter. Especially knowing the swamp caches are going to be off the ground. :(


I own a swamp cache (placed in April, 2004) that required walking through a foot of stagnant water, only to find out it's in a section of the swamp that dries up in the summer. I also found one about 60 miles from home last April that involved pretty nasty standing swamp water. I assume that one doesn't dry up in the summer, at least not as much as the one I placed.

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Thinairmagic, what's the GC number of the cache you're talking about? Being nipple deep in a gator infested swamp is my idea of Nirvana.

Count me in!

The codes are GC122AC and GC10GG5 let me know if you really want to do them and we could meet up and do them together. They are both right next to each other.

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