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WTB Oregon 300 or 400t (Minnesota)

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Sounds like a good deal except they appear to be less than reputable:




The only sites I've found so far with good prices are:


Amazon (~510)


GPSNow (~500)


Anyone had experience with GPSNow? They seem to have a very strict return policy (read you WILL pay restocking no matter what), but decent prices and ratings.

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Watch amazon very closely there prices jump all over the place I was able to get my oregon 400t for $461 from them last week check them multiple times a day as often as you can and when it drops by right away won't stay there long. In fact after I completed the purchase of mine when right back to the sight and there they where $515 agian.

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GPSDiscount has proven to be a very reputable dealer, I've purchased numerous GPS units from them...good prices, fast and friendly service. Regarding Amazon, a previous poster was correct - they seem to change their prices almost hourly. I received an Oregon 400t has a Christmas gift, my SO purchased it from Amazon for $461.00 - I did not know I was going to be so "gifted". So...in the meantime I purchased a 60CSx from them for the incredibly low price of $157.00. Timing was just right because within minutes of me placing that order...the price went up to $247.00...then back down and up two more times during the day. It pays to check Amazon prices very frequently. Oh, no the 60CSx is NOT going back........shhhhhhhhh :unsure:



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