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World Geo-Gathering Event

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A New Event is Coming up I thought you could help me get the word out on.




Hello World Geo-gathering enthusiast,


This is the first of several newsletters that the World Geo-Gathering staff will be sending out in the months leading up to the big event on July 16-19.


The World Geo-Gathering staff has been busy planning an exciting event of activities for the attendees. Remember we're trying to make this another Mega-Event. To start things off, there are many events and meet & greets planed.


On Thursday the festivities run from 10am to 8pm and will include a Cache Packing Race, Name The Cacher, GeoBINGO, Classes & Seminars and The Travel Bug Meet & Greet (The Giant Travel Bug Hotel).


On Friday the festivities continue with Round 3 and the Finals of the Cache Packing Race, Live Auction, Letterbox Search, Ammo Can Painting, more Classes & Seminars, The Big Roast Hog Feed, and the Night Cache Run.


One Saturday we have the big mega cache run (100+ event only caches), and Late Night Movies.


And to rap it all up on Sunday we have the CITO event planned, so dig out your work gloves and a hunger to clean.


And if that list isn't enough, we're working on more activities that are yet to be finalized. There will be vendors selling everything geocaching and then some. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks will be available for purchase throughout the event at the onsite D-Day Cafe.


Do you have a travel bug tag or sticker on your vehicle? You'll be happy to know that we are planning to know on Thursday evening we'll have a designated parking lot for trackable vehicles to make it easy for everyone to find and discover these cache-mobiles. We also have a handful of extra-special parking spots available, so if you have a van painted to look like a giant camouflaged ammo can, or a Pacer made to look like a Tupperware container, or something else equally unique, email us a link to it's travel bug page and we'll choose a few for special recognition.


Feeling generous? We're looking for donations, both in money and in merchandise. We're especially looking for items for raffles and the auction.


Want to volunteer to help? We need people to help staff the check-in booth, the Travel Bug Meet & Greet, oversee games, serve food, as well as several other duties. If you'd like to help for a couple of hours, please send an email to support@worldgeogathering.com.


We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at this great event.


Thank you,

The World Geo-Gathering Staff


From the 1st Newsletter.


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Found this discussion about the event in another forum. Sounds ambitious for a first time geocaching event, but the person has run paintball gatherings before. Here's a link to the paintball facility he is associated with.


The webpage for the World Geo-Gathering Event reads very similarly to the FAQ for GeoWoodstock so he's using a good model and thinking about how to key this place for cachers.


It sounds like fun but it's a little pricey. It looks like some of the local groups have been contacted to help out and some are listing the event on their pages. If enough experienced cachers step up to help out. it could be nice for the locals,


My only concern would be that attendance would be low because it's the first event cache by this person in this area and turn out will be hard to judge. Most of the other mega events grew from smaller events over time, didn't they? (Or have some of the more recent ones gone mega right away? I know GepWoodstock had a humble beginning and just grew and grew). I hope they aren't disappointed by a low turn-out and stuck with lots of cash invested and not recouped.

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