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Geo-Portal GeoCoin By DJ.J.ROCK


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Congrat's on finally getting them in the store ;)


I know I sound like a broken record, but I love this coin!!!! Thanks for making it. So far this coin is my favorite out of all I've gotten. Take care of yourself Jay and keep up the great work. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! [;)]


TSUN THANK YOU VERY MUCH its been a long road, glad to see them hit the store myself :D hope sales go ok, thats pretty much outta my hands.


and again ,, your comments like a broken record are a very good reason im inspired to make more coins. with out peps like you my coins are just coins and have no meaning, so thank you very much,, feel free to repeat your self ,, lol B):D:D:D

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Couldn't resist picking up an RE2; love the balance the extra gold adds.


A mistake you say, well then, I hope it magically turns into an LE :(


Taking the RE2 and replacing the A.N. centre with Antique Gold, Copper or Black Nickel should also work.


Congrats !

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Just an FYI, We renewed our SSL but there was an issue with our hosting company setting it up. It has been fixed and should not be showing any error now.


FYI when I went on the site to order some it is giving me an error stating that "the webpage contains contents that won't be delivered through secure HTTPS."


Definitely ordered some of these. Love them both.

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First off i want to thank everyone who has waited and supported this design.


I also would like to let everyone know the RE1 , RE2 and LE1 are still in stock!!! :blink: so if you missed this or would like extras for gifts or such please visit chqualitycoins.com to buy them.


i also would like to announce i have the AEs in hand and am taking trade offers,, my seeking list is a bit outdated but please send a pm or email with your trader lists or offers!!!


thanks again for all you all have done to support me and my designs.!!!! :)

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