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Ever been busted by a muggle in a way that made you want to groan?

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It happened to us today. Saz and I went out on a cache hunt and one of the caches was a 4 difficulty. So we knew that we were going to be looking mighty hard for it.

There we are on this little foot bridge. One of us on our belly reaching under the bridge, the other one of us bent over a guard rail and we hear "Are you all right?"

We both looked up, got up and dusted ourselves off while saying we were fine. We hadn't even heard them coming. We were mortified. I can't even imagine what we must have looked like. :lol:


#2 Here is a log we wrote:

Ever have a hunt go wrong?

1. Hunting in the wrong area.

2. Having a child ask their mother why those two women are in the bushes.

3. Attack of the ants. They were EVERY where on us. We ended up almost beating each other to death trying to get them off.

4. Jumping man. What person stands in the middle of a park and just jumps up and down for no apparent reason. Then he turned into walking man who walked by us about 4 times.

5. Basketball boy. It almost got to the point where I wanted to shout at some poor kid to go home lol.

6. Butterflies that wouldn't cooperate. I wanted to show Saz how this certain type of butterfly will sit on your hand but they were determined to make a fool out of me.

7. Stepping in dog crud. Enough said there.


So this child repeatedly asked it's mother why we were in the bushes. Loudly. It is not like we can slowly remove ourselves from the bushes to look like we weren't in the bushes. :)



Not really a groan moment more of a WTF moment.

Saz and I are searching a picnic area and surrounding area for a cache. Lifting up bushes, feeling under the bench and a muggle walks up to us with this really strange look on his face.

He asked us if we were looking for bugs.


I don't think the first thing to come to my mind if I were to see people looking for something would be bugs.

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When I'm caching in a park and looking for a cache, weather its in a tree or on the ground, I have one response.... "I'm a Anphibiantoligist and Im looking for tree frogs." In the winter I use...."Im a Fernatoligist and I'm checking tree growth."

I get wierd looks or the "oh,ok" :angry: and on with the hunt. :D

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The majority of our cache finds are out in rural areas on the country back roads. Every once in a while there will be someone who will stop and ask if we need any help since we are parked on the side of a gravel road out in the middle of no where. We usually just say, nope we are fine and then they drive away. I think it's nice they stop though just in case someone really did have car troubles.

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