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5hz gps?

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I'm trying to run Wherigo on an Asus A626 with a GlobalTop G33 Bluetooth GPSr. I can get the Wherigo player to run and the blinking lights on the GPSr indicate that it has synced up with the PDA. The GPS icon remains red in the Wherigo software and the cartridges tell me I don't have enough accuracy to continue. I've read through the forum for clues, but to no avail. I've re-booted, tried autodetect and manually setting the com port/baud rate. I've had the bluetooth connection established before starting Wherigo. None of these have helped.


Of course my other software works just just fine with the receiver and indicates that I have an 8 satellite lock running at a steady 5 Hz.


Any ideas?


Does Wherigo not support 5 Hz GPSr's?


(apologies if the answer is already out there and I haven't found it...)

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