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FS: "FREE" Magellan Explorist Data USB Cable

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My Explorist 210 North American went missing (scary thing is that it was the second or third GPS that I have lost) and I've moved over to a Garmin. What didn't go missing was the USB data cable. One end plugs into the computer's USB port and the other end screws into the back of the GPS and has six data pins/contacts. There is a port in the middle, a power port I believe. The GPS plug has the number 730497 stamped on it which may be a part number. I used a paint pen to write GPS on both sides of the USB plug so I could identify it in the middle of all my other cables. Also comes with a Velcro wire tie.


Cable worked when I had the GPS and I would expect to work now.


So here's the deal about being free. The cable is free but I need $5.25 to cover USPS Priority Mail shipping and PayPal charges. If you want to pick the cable up here in the New Haven, CT area, you can do that and avoid the shipping charges.


I'm moving as of the 6th so if you are interested in the cable, I'll be able to mail it right away up through the 6th. Afterwards, I *expect* to have daily email coverage but when driving XC, one never knows. If payment made after the 6th, I may not be able to ship until around the 15th.


Email me at exploristdatacable@alpinix.com with questions or to claim the cable. FWIW, the exploristdatacable@alpinix.com is a throwaway address as I would think these forums could be harvested by spambots for addresses. PayPal payment will be made through another address. You can always PM me if you don't want to send email.


Should be fun to geocache the ~3000 miles back to Lake Tahoe. Provided I'm not in snow country. %-)



aka twm3

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