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"Chiseled cross"

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I'm very new to BM hunting, but I'm very addicted to now. I seem to learn something new each time I go hunting for one and I'm glad I read all of these posts and the FAQ.


On to the question--- I wanted to find this mark DX2727 but what I was expecting to see as a chiseled cross would have been much like you'd see in masonary work. What I found looks more like someone dropped something. Did I find it?


Also, if you all would like to review my finds (and not finds) and give me any feedback, I'd really appreciate it!

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Welcome to BM hunting!


It sure looks like a chiseled cross in the top of a twin pipe culvert!


It looks to be about centered in the corner of the culvert (good). Is that the South end of the culvert? Did you measure the distance from the edges? Is Gate 32 still there? Any other stamping on it (like the date it was constructed)? How far off where the coordinates?


Since 1935 the tower may have been moved, so that isn't an automatic problem.

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Ah! That is good info to include! Yes the reference measurements to the edges are as described. There is no other marks on the head wall that would indicate when it was built. The gate is long gone. The coords are 33d 53.564 N 117d 15.149 W. I was standing SE of the mark when I snapped the pictures.


As for the condition of the concrete, it looks the same today as it did when I was stationed there in 1990. (Rest In Peace, Stategic Air Command!) Very dry air and it VERY rarely gets below freezing. Good place to store a vintage car!

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From what you’ve provided it looks like you probably found it to me! ;)


I see you updated your log - I don’t think you can ever put too much info in your log. You can also update the note on your pictures to include the direction you took them from (once again helps to show what you found).

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To answer your question, as I'm familiar with that area & practices:

Yes, in THAT area of California, concrete that old (and older!) can look that good. First, it is a very dry area (unlike coastal CA) and as Siikosys said, rarely sees "freezing" weather, and when it does, it is likely still dry (not water freezing to ice). Second (maybe more significant), that mark is just off the flightline of an Air Force Base (now Air Reserve Base). I can absolutely guarantee that the concrete NEVER saw any salt. It is big-time forbidden on or near aircraft or runways, taxiways, ramps, etc. It really accelerates corrosion on (mostly) aluminum aircraft. It also does nasty thinks to concrete (and the rebar inside).

[Trivia: when they need to melt the ice some, what do they use? Answer: Urea. Yes, it is that stuff. And can sometimes smell like it also ;);) ]



Good work. I would say you found it also. Suggest you edit your log to "Found". When I was in the area (and found / didn't find nearby marks), I couldn't get to that area. It was off limits for some reason (secure parking?), so I didn't even log it as a note, since I couldn't get near it.

Also, good work on getting to DX3819 !! I concur with your no-find on that one, and have edited my previous log (see what happens when you "assume" something?).

And on DX2734 - To answer your question: No, no need to encrypt your log. The point here is (generally) to help future searches to find the disc.

I took a quick look at your logs on other nearby marks, and they look fine to me. Keep up the good work!

BTW: Are you also "Mohave Rattler"? If not, it would seem someone else in your training class (or there at the same time) is also a benchmark hunter. Interesting coincidence.

--- Klemmer

Edited by Klemmer & TeddyBearMama
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