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To archive or offer for adoption?

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As many of you know we are moving to Bristol in spring/summer this year, and as it will not be practical/possible for us to maintain our many caches in the area we have decided to archive the majority of them. Since posting notes on the caches we intend to archive we have had a number of offers to adopt some of them, which to date we have not taken up. So the purpose of this thread is to get the views and opinions of you lot out there to see what you would do.


My opinion is that by archiving the caches it will open up the area for fresh caches. In the short term this will leave Oxfords stock of caches dramatically depleted with the loss of around 120 caches :rolleyes: , but as many of these are now quite old and don't get visited that often I think that the short term pain should benefit caching in and around Oxford.


And for those that want to get out and find them before they are gone, please don't panic as I will give at least 2 weeks notice by disabling the caches prior to collecting the containers and archiving them. If there are any in particular that you want to find but can't get out straight away just let me know and I'll try and hold off. If any require maintenance prior to archiving it is likely that I shall just archive it prematurely as I'm afraid house hunting and the move must take priority.


As a rough guide to my program the following is what I have in mind:

  • I shall be archiving some of my older less frequently visited multis 1st, some very soon.
  • Chester's Oxford Parks Quest will probably go around the end of Feb with the Bone'us staying until end of March (these will be definitely archived).
  • The Oxford Canal series (excluding Banbury) will probably be archived in early spring.
  • The Banbury area caches will be archived after our camping meet in June.
  • I will be keeping our earthcache, webcam, Poohsticks, Cuckoo Pen and Mother Dunche's Buttocks.
  • I will announced my plans as notes on the specific caches when I have made them so if you are interested in finding them put them on your watch list.

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We will miss you in the caching community round these parts John and even Sue with the face thats rarely bovvered :rolleyes:


As for your caches, I think your plan of archiving and giving others space to develop new caches so you can come plunder then on holiday next year is great :)


If there are any near to me that you want to save or dont fancy the walk to remove .. let me know I will happily keep them going for you.


No charge ... no cost ... Just continued friendship.... Dont be strangers :)

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...My opinion is that by archiving the caches it will open up the area for fresh caches. In the short term this will leave Oxfords stock of caches dramatically depleted with the loss of around 120 caches :rolleyes: , but as many of these are now quite old and don't get visited that often I think that the short term pain should benefit caching in and around Oxford.



I agree. It's good that you're giving newer cachers in the Oxford area the 'space' to place new caches, thus providing brand new smiley opportunities for all geocachers. You're also retaining a few of your choice caches in the area as a lasting legacy. That seems like a good balance to me. :)


Good luck with your impending move. We'll look forward to your caching contributions to the Bristol area in due course. :)



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Your suggestion sounds the best way forward, and means other non-Oxford residents who've cached in the area have an excuse to return as well!


I would say that if anyone has a sentimental reason for wanting to adopt one cache (eg first EVER cache they did) then i suppose that wouldn't do any harm, and the same goes for any that YOU really want adopted, but I imagine we'd only be talking about a couple in total!


I hope that moving to tractor country won't stop you both from attending as many events as before (although maybe not around moving time!)

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Several views but not sure which is the right opinion.

  • Many of the older caches have good quality.
  • Archiving frees up the area perhaps giving new cache setters a chance.
  • Freeing a whole area might open up for a ring placed by one setter but might deter new setters.
  • Perhaps Lord Of The Caches might migrate to Oxford for his next epic.
  • Adoption could give you heart ache if the adoptee does not maintain your high standards.

As said at start no strong opinion for your caches but personally I prefer those caches which have had a lot of effort put into creating and maintaining them and consider yours fit into that category.

Unfortunately I don't often get to the Oxford area to cache.

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Many thanks for your input, it would appear that the majority of you would tend to agree with me on this matter <_< . So with this increased confidence I shall continue along the same route.


This does not mean that we shall be archiving everything, as we shall be keeping the few mentioned in the OP. It looks probable that LQ:Oxon, and Darrington Deliveries will be adopted, and I am open to requests for adoption if anyone has a special interest in a cache.


One series that I am starting to come around to on the adoption is our Sturdy Walk which still gets plenty of visits and seems to be enjoyed by most. it is also in an area that I think might get neglected if they are archived. So if you are interested in adopting these (or if you would like them archived to make room for some of your new caches planed), please contact me through my profile.


On a final note, for those panicking about getting around to find our caches before they are gone, there is no need. It is very unlikely that we will do any more archiving this month (too busy with house hunting), and I doubt if many/any will be archived next month. I will give at least 2 weeks notice of archiving by disabling the cache and will extend this if practical following a specific request, and will leave the cache container for at least 24 hours once archived. As I shall be in this area until at least the end of May the program of archiving will be spread out throughout this period (and beyond for Banbury area).


PS. I know where you live Bob :rolleyes:

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As you may have already seen here, we have cancelled our annual camping event which was due to take place near Banbury in June. As a knock on effect it is likely that we shall be archiving our Banbury caches sooner than planned. As the opportunity arises I shall be removing the caches, and as I shall be visiting the Banbury area a couple of times this week that will probably mean that some will go very soon. Please accept our apologies for the short notice.

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