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Geocaching Videos that make you laugh

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The funniest caching vid I saw was Lord Elph's Carry On Camping Vid from 2006.


Although not strictly about caching - more of some of the antics of the caching weekend, it still had me in stitches, even though I wasn't able to attend as I'd just moved house!


Carry On Camping 2006


For those of you that have never met Pete from The House of Boo - I apologise for him now.... If you DO know him, you'll know this is just him!

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Where did they get those GPS units with the inbuilt generators that need shaking all the time? :D


How about this one HERE

I get 'This video has been removed by the user' from that link :unsure:


So do I now. From what I remember of it is was a large-ish couple getting stuck in some mud whilst out caching in the countryside.


But I found this one

. They actually bring the container back with them; so now they've got to go back out again and place it :D Edited by careygang
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My local radio station created a video about their first day geocaching.


They should have called it "how not to geocache".


Hope you enjoy it.


Fresh and Jo go geocaching




Edit [can anyone spot their user name for geocaching.com?]


What a bunch of clowns! They could have found that without the GPS... :(

The cache itself is not a good example either. Out in the open, a plastic pot stuffed in a plastic bag, inside a bit of pipe.

With a IP Address outside the UK, the website initially wouldn't let me view it, but unlike most of the UK Media sites, it gives a pop up window which allows you to provide a UK postcode and override the block. So that was nice to see. :o

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