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A mystery location with a nice dose of conspiracy theory

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What is this mystery location?


The writer of this page has mentions of Mayans and UFOs and unintentionally funny stuff like that. :lol:


Now... I am sure us geocachers could come up with a much more logical answer! :lol:



Ooops! Screwup!


Moderators, I am putting in a request to have this moved to the South/Southwest forum.

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Since most of this stuff is in a Navy bombing range, there are a lot of possible explanations. The first thing I can think of is building designs and scraffing. If someone were to place old storage containers in a shape ressembiling buildings or compounds, then pilots could get some practical experience with how to do attack runs.

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This location is designated as "Area 52" :unsure:


Aliens don't stop here, it's just a billboard as they pass by enroute to 51.....


......or it could just be large shipping containers arranged for bombing practice.


Bombing practice, yes . . . but by whom? I don't see any nearby craters, but there are what appears to be scorch marks created by some kind of energy beam weapon. :sad:
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Navy range....Bravo-20. The heavy impact area is about 3.5mi to the east at Lone Rock. What they are looking at is a light-inert/urban training area, nothing big lands in there so no craters. Not sure why the boxes were arranged the way they were there, but my guess is because we didn't say how we wanted them so the range guys just made stuff up.


Wait until they find the boxes stacked to look like a submarine, that one should drive them nuts.

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