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Thanks for being a Geocoin Angel!

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I found a "Thanks for being a Geocoin Angel!" and can not find a web page to log it in. Would anyone out there know who owns this coin series It is brass with black back ground with wings in the middle and Thanks for being a Geocoin Angel! around the inside edge. The back has Thanks in different languages.

And a three digit tracking number






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Sounds like one of the many mystery geocoins placed in caches that can be considered swag. If the 3 digits are all numbers, its probably not trackable, the number is a sequential number assigned each coin. Lucky you! You will probably get better feedback if you can post a photo.

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If it was trackable it would have trackable at geocaching.com on the coin and would have more numbers and letters. You found a really nice coin. Congratulations on your awesome find.

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To echo what everyone else has said, this is probably a mystery coin, which means that it's pretty rare. It's not uncommon for these to be serialized with their own numbers, but they're not actually trackable on geocaching.com -- which is why you're not able to get the website to recognize it.


BTW, a trackable geocoin will always say something like:


"trackable at geocaching.com" or

"track at geocaching.com" or

"track me at geocaching.com"


and the number begins with a two-letter code ("PC" for "personal geocoin", or some people have purchased enough coins [1000] to get their own prefix) followed by some other numbers.


If you look around the Forum, you'll see other mystery coin threads (such as the Geocoin Secret Agent) in which the coin has a serial number (but not a geocaching.com tracking number).


Congratulations on your awesome find!


Here's a suggestion: take a photo of the coin. Go to the log you left for the cache in which you found the coin. Once you have pulled up your log, you should see an option to "upload a picture". Upload the picture of the coin.


Now, once it's uploaded, you should be able to click on the photo icon that will appear in your log. If the image appears in something like a pop-up (that is, the geocaching page goes "dim" and your picture appears in the middle"), click "View Log" on the pop-up picture. In the individual log, the picture you uploaded will be on the right-hand side of the page. Click on it and you should get to a plain white page with your image on it, and the URL (the address) will be something like this:




Copy that address and come back here. Reply to this thread and, in your reply, use the following code:


[img=**your image URL**]


Where, of course, "**your image URL**" (including the asterisks) is completely replaced by the URL you copied. It'll end up looking something like this:




What's the point of all this? It lets us see your coin! : )


Important Note

If you upload a picture of a trackable geocoin, make sure that you paint over, erase, or otherwise obscure the tracking number on the coin before you post it here. That prevents other people from logging the geocoin without having actually holding it.


</end of long, rambling post> and my apologies if you already knew how to do all this. Again, congrats on your find!

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I love this mystery geocoin and it will never leave my possession until the day that I die and Meet My Maker otherwise known as the Man Upstairs. I wanted to show you all this beauty. Keep On Caching! ~Valarie of sweetlife


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