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Tell us what GPS gift Santa gave you?


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Santa, aka my wife, got me a Garmin 60CSx. She wanted to get the Oregon but we will wait for the price to go down some. It has already helped us find a few more caches and will be looking for ways to at least carry the hints along like our Magellan Explorist 500 allows us to do. Will have to load caches into both units for the time being.

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Santa (DH) was good this year. I got a Magellan Triton 400.


(I'm a newbie to caching, and haven't figured out how to do anything on it yet. I've been reading the reviews for this, though, and am not sure if I'm going to keep it or not. PM me other comparable models....user friendly, + SD slot)

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my two boys recieved a Garmin Etrex (the one the Garmin Web site is discontinued). Now I need some help from someone, My family is new to the Geocaching. I want to use this GPS reciever first to understand geocaching before upgrading. and am finding out that I think I need to get a data interface cable. Dos anyone out thereknow where I can obtain one other than the Garmin web site. The one Garmin sells is for hardwiring into another device. looking for one with a USB on the one end.


I think you need to get a USB to Serial converter, the Etrex interface is an RS-232 interface and many newer computers do not offer an RS-232 port. Garmin does have a cable that connects an Etrex to a standard serial port on a PC but if your PC has no serial port you wil nee dthe USB to serial converter to make the Garmin cable work. My old GPSMap 60 Series used that system and to connect to my laptop I used a Belkin USB to Serial converter and then a standard serial cable from Garmin. You should shop for your own USB to Serial converter, they can be had a lot cheaper than the units I see quoted in the GPS stores. Future Shop or Walmart should offer one that doesn't cost too much money. Once you have that cable connected ands set up you will need the eTrex serial cable and it can be plugged into the com port that is created by the USB to Serial adapter.

You don't need to have this cable. If you just want to test out geocaching then you can manually enter information to your eTrex and use cache page printouts to make sure you have all the information you need.

Good Luck with your etrex and have fun geocaching.


I had the same type of reciever when I first started caching, a good unit to start out with, but evenytually I needed the speed of the direct connection to my laptop,, if you are using a PC the serial cable will work fine,

I bought a cheap USB to SERIAL cable at The Source.. and it worked great.


BTW I had my first caching experience in the HAT a few years ago.. but it was after the spring flood and we presumed the cache had drifted away,,


another good Idea is to find the local association,, they will help out lots..


OH ans we got snow shoes, gaiters and a HOLUX GPSr for the laptop to do all of our vehicle navigation,,

Now to get out and Get em

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Hey All


After belonging to the geocaching.com website for over three years, Sants finally listened to my plea and got me a Garmin eTrex Venture HC.


So far I have DNF on two local caches! Not a bad start eh! :rolleyes:


Loving every minute of it and my wife is starting to grumble that she's created a "Geomonster" as every time I come down the stairs I start a sentence with "there's a cache at xxx place!" :)

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I bought a garmin 76CSx. I was comparing all the different brands of handhelds after a "almost lost in the fog" fishing trip and kept noticing the phrase "geocahing compatible" which really struck my curiousity. After a quick google search, and several days of studying this crazy sounding thing, I think I'm addicted and I don't even have the GPS in hand yet!

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Got a PN-40 and a 400t. Family member wanted to get me a GPS, I mentioned the 60csx and the 400t as candidates. Came back with 'backordered', so it might not happen. So, figuring no GPS as gift, I get to digging on Groundspeak and such, and decide that the PN-40 sounds pretty sweet, so I jump on Amazon and get myself squared away with one. Christmas rolls around, am opening a gift, lo and behold, its a 400t. Just wanted me to think they couldn't get one delivered in time.


Works out okay, get to spend time w/ both. So far its mixed. Both have strong and weak points, but am reserving opinion until I've had a chance to work both of them in the field. Thanks Santa!!

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I got a pack of mini cards with my gc nick, the waypoints of the caches I own and my travelbugs and a set of mini stickers to put into logbooks all of that with pictures from my gc gallery - that was quite a nice surprise. And just before Christmas, the best caching partner there is went through half of Germany to rescue one of my tb's that had been stuck in a cache since April! :yikes:


My parents told Santa that I'd like a Nuvi 255WT to get my cachemobile near all those hiding places :(

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I received a Red Ryder Range model BB gun with a compass in the stock and....oh wait, that was LAST year.


My girlfriend upgraded me from the eTrex legend (whopping 8 mb or RAM) to the Vista HCx with 8 Gigs. as well as Fishing Hotspots of the Northeast.


I had heard about geocaching, but had never tried it, now I'm hooked.

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My girlfriend and I are short on cash so we spent all the Christmas money on our toddler and my parents. For us, Santa arrived a couple weeks late in the form of a very generous co-worker. Upon mentioning that I was in the market for a cheap GPS, he gave me his Rino 110 and 130. He said that he bought them to use in Iraq and has no further use for them. He still had the owner's manuals, serial cable, wrist strap, and headset for the radio feature. He had no interest in geocaching and wouldn't take any money for the units. Obviously, he'll never see this post, but a big THANKS! goes out to him.

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Santa has just sent me an eTrex H.........


(Garmin have just had a buy a nuvi 265W and get a free eTrex promo in Aussie !! )


I don't need a handheld GPS with all the frills. This little yellow eTrex H has already proven it's accuracy so this will do very nicely for me.... :cry:

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