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Colorado or Oregon


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I own a Colorado 300 and an Oregon 200.


Overall, I like the Colorado just a tiney little bit more than the Oregon.


The Colorado Pros - Geocaching mode is excellent, very sensitive reciever and a better anntena than the Oregon. Nicer Geocaching screens and navigation, lots of built in memory, nice screen.

Cons - poor battery meter, missing a few features that would be nice, no lanyard attachment, can't remember backlight settings, electronic compass is near worthless (too jittery in performance for me).


The Oregon Pros - much cleaner interface overall (more mature), touch screen is waaay nice, a bit more compact, just feels more rugged, bit nicer size, nice screen, feature set is easier, Geocaching is nice

Cons - miserable battery meter, tracklog is a bit too squared off on corners, WAAS lock if iffy, missing some features


Where the Colorado won me over was this fall when doing some caching in a heavily forested area in high winds. Leaves where falling and swirling around us in great numbers. The Colorado maintained a rock solid lock on the satellites while the Oregon dropped out on occasion and took a moment to "catch" up.

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I have both and when I walk out the door I usually grab the Oregon because I like the drive/park/hike/find/log "workflow" better when I'm geocaching. The touchscreen makes some of the functions much more usable (like fieldnotes and coordinate entry).


The GPS/antenna combo in the Colorado is slightly better and the screen is a bit brighter but the Oregon is good enough.


However, taking price into consideration and with Colorado prices dropping dramatically in recent weeks it is harder for me to justify the $100-$150 difference between models. IMHO, I just don't think the Oregon is worth that much more money.


Detailed comparison chart is here:



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Or you could wait for either the Garmin Montana or Gamin Texas models that will be coming out early next year. (PS, that's a silly rumor about new model names). But the electronics show in Vegas is in just a couple of weeks, and I'm thinking there will be some new announcements on GPS innovations, and prices could get even lower if indeed newer models are announced.

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I have a colorado 300.


There are two pros on the colorado, very useful in some occasions:

  • possibility to attach an external antenne - I get a good signal in" difficult places" for example: In "modern trains" or even "in house" the external antenna can make the difference.
  • the hot swappable SD Card, no need to restart the gps after changing maps. As I play around with own maps (and TYPs) it is very convenient to test modifications.

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I have had both a Colorado 400t and Oregon 400t. I like the Oregon better. Not a lot better, but better. I like the interface better. I like some of the features of the Oregon (turning off the screen with backlight for one).


I think they are both nice units. I would choose the Oregon over the Colorado.

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