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Is it rude?

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In an effort to not offend anyone, I would like your input.


As we clean up for the Christmas Holliday, our Geocoin shadowbox was broken(the glass)


So we gathered up all of those coins and the new ones from this holliday seasons missions and gifts to us(we have yet to trade,as in weve never traded before) and ones we bought


Well to make a long story short, we have a pile of coins!! We love most of them- like some,,, and dont really care for others.


We dont wanna offend anyone that has gifted to us,esp. those that sent us coins basicly for no reason, just to be nice to us or welcome us to the geocoin forum or as a Christmas present!!


But the fact of the matter is there are so many coins and everyone has different tastes towards their favor coins.


what is your thought towards adding gifted coins to your trader list?

Do the givers of those coins get upset or take note you traded their gift to you?


p.s. No we wont send you our coins to solve this problem--lol :(

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(If you feel very queasy about trading gift coins, you could always regift them to someone who you think will appreciate them?)


oh no lets not get this wrong we appreciate them very much!!!! but mabie some designs we dont care for,,,we will alway remember who gave us what, and the thought they had for us!!! :(

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(If you feel very queasy about trading gift coins, you could always regift them to someone who you think will appreciate them?)


oh no lets not get this wrong we appreciate them very much!!!! but mabie some designs we dont care for,,,we will alway remember who gave us what, and the thought they had for us!!! :(


How about activating the trackables and set them free. Let others enjoy them.

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How about activating the trackables and set them free. Let others enjoy them.

we are setting some free too!!! and giving a few in cointests!!

We would like to trade for a few coins we saw we liked also, but we dont wanna offend anyone or be rude and we have mixed feeling on it,,so we decided we'd ask :(

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If it is a gift to you, you should be doing whatever you please.


When someone is interested in that coin in a trade, why not?

If you want to set it free to travel, why not?

If you want to present it to someone else, why not?


A gift is nothing you have to keep.

It's just like all those christmas presents, you don't really like. Either you break them or send them on. (And claim to the giver, that they broke... :( )


I wouldn't have any qualms putting a coin on my trades list, if I don't want to keep it in my collection....

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The geocoins that I receive as "gifts" are special and I would never consider trading them or sellling them.


I only have a few geocoins in my collection because I keep the ones I receive as "gifts", I keep the new unactivated geocoins that I have traded out of caches and I buy and activate a very limited number to obtain the icons in my profile, I like to think that the icons I have on the "Owned" side of the profile are a sketch of my geocaching background, not a complete picture but certainly a great way to remind me of the highlights.


My geocaching adventures aren't your geocaching adventures so everyone has to decide for themselves what makes sense for them.


I think the "gifted" coins are special because they are a tangible reminder of the geocacher who gave me that geocoin. I think every design is pleasing to the person who designed it. I try to remember that whenever I am looking at another geocachers geocoin, I don't want to detract from their enjoyment of geocoins or geocaching.


I know some geocoin "gifters" and they are all trying to increase your enjoyment of an actiivty they love so I am guessing that most of those who "gift" really do think the coin is yours and that you should do whatever makes you happy, they are not trying to detract from your fun.


I give away geocoins because I believe that geocoins can add enduring excitement to geocaching adventures and if I have given you a geocoin you can "trade it" "gift it" "sell it" or even place it in a geocache to let others "enjoy it".

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Speaking for myself here, if the coins I send out to anyone doesn't interest them, please do whatever you wish with them, make yourself happy! I send them out to make you happy, use them to make yourself happy!


Now, I rarely (if ever) trade away a gifted coin. I might gift it to someone else, but not a trade or sale without asking first (I have done this with mystery coins for special causes).

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i had this exact same discussion with my hubby a short while ago. his exact words were, if its been given as a gift, then the new owner can do with it as they please. yes it is a little bit hurtful if you see it given away again, but the thing to remember when you give a gift, is that whatever happens to it after you give it away is no longer anything to do with you.


you give something as a gift, you cant take it back, nor can you have any say in what happens to it after it leaves your possession.

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Regardless of any design qualities, every coin I've received as a gift is special (missions are different) and I'd never ever get rid of it. Looking at the coin reminds me of the incredible kindness of the person who gave it to me, and I don't think I could part with them.


On the other hand, I know the feeling about clutter. I have an aunt who clearly doesn't know me (I'm dreading Christmas) and always gives me frilly decorative things that I just don't need. While I appreciate the sentiment, I ain't that kind of girl (and I just don't have the space!) So I certainly couldn't blame you for wanting to clean out your collection a little bit. So long as it's honestly about cleaning up and de-cluttering. It does really irk me when people get a nice (valuable) gift and go right ahead and put it up on ebay. I don't think that's what you're saying at all, just wanted to get it out there. Trading or re-gifting, I think is fine. Just don't tell the person you think the coin they designed is ugly :(

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I think this is a good discussion, it a toughy tho because I totally agree with both sides,of the arguement,lol,,


let me ask a 2 more in depth questions, to add for disscussion sake.


do you hold the same value on a mission gift, as you do a blank gift out of nowhere,


or hold the same value to a 4 coin gift as a 1 coin gift?

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I don't actually do very much trading - mostly gifting. Many folks have sent me their personal as a gift in return, but I certainly never expect it. I just like giving coins to folks that like coins. (and new cachers that still have that spark of enthusiasm we should all encourage!)


Here's what I am doing with my gift coins.


I activate them under my handle (and ask anyone giving me a coin to do the same under theirs). This makes it fun to see where the coins really came from. I don't really want personals except from the owner themselves whenever possible - so non-trackables are cool as well.


When I activate the coins I am giving as "gifts" then their mission is to be a gift. They can be traded, re-gifted, cached ... basically everything but sold on eBay. I view geocoins as a personal signature item and seeing them on eBay is "okay", but not really the reason I gave them away. (there are exceptions, and several folks have been kind enough to ask first - I don't mind, I just don't want a secondary market on personal signature items from folks other than the person themselves).


So my answer would be that trading, re-gifting, caching are all fine with me. Selling on eBay is something I think it would courteous to ask the person about beforehand.


Just my opinion though.

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We are relatively new to the forum and so are not familiar with the general feeling of the community in this regard. It would seem to us that any personal coins we were lucky enough to receive would be a compliment and something to cherish, so while we were active in the caching community we would keep these coins to remind us of the special people who are out there. :huh:


We have only participated in one mission so far so these coins too are special to us for this reason. :ph34r: A mission gift however, is bit of a lucky dip in some respects (and we were lucky). We haven't been lucky enough though to have received a gift out of nowhere, but if we did, we would probably place more value on that due to the generosity of the person making the gift.


Would we place more value on a 4 coin gift than a 1 coin gift? Well it could be 4 very ordinary coins or 1 exceptional coin. That 1 coin gift could also represent the life and soul of the person giving the gift.


We would be unlikely to ever sell coins on ebay though - it would be much more enjoyable to set all the coins free to travel from cache to cache. <_<

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One of the things that happens is that people change interests. They stop caring about coins, they stop caring about geocaching.... (of course they'll all be back! - suckas!)




When this happens, their coins, regardless of how they were acquired start seeming to be less and less important to them. Of course, prices on the secondary market means money - and I don't know many folks that have lost all interest in THAT!


So they look at how they can convert something that means less today towards something that does.


So is the natural cycle....


Here's the rub.

Some gifts are an item that someone has purchased and passed to you for your enjoyment. If you derive pleasure from it, then they have met their mission. If you are no-longer deriving pleasure from it - then it's actually a burden. Check out the weekend newspaper - it's called garage sales.


This stands true for microwaves, fuzzy sweaters, and lava lamps.


What about something that someone "crafted" or "designed" and represents part of their personal self-image (as twisted as it may be to transfer your sole into an inanimate object - it's part of human nature. Uniforms, family crests, geocoins, etc)


These items represent the person to some extent. Therefore, with these gifts, it's probably polite to pass it along to someone that would appreciate it in the moment (the re-gift), return it to the person if they want it back (the return to sender) - which requires tact.


Geocoins give us the additional option of returning it to it's original intention - place it in a cache. (blind gifting - because you just *know* you're giving it away when you do this).


It also means that if someone "gifts" you a commercial coin - the original intention was to generate money - so selling these seems fair.


Personals are the ones that really should be re-gifted, returned, or cached. All in my own opinion of course.


Now - it's becoming an easier decision. The prices on coins has pretty much collapsed for most of them. Check out eBay and sort be "highest price first" - the top value coins are either: groups, buy it now, or zero bids. This means the money-magnet is not as strong as it once was.


And.... please, nobody make a microwave, fuzzy sweater, or lava lamp coin to be given out as gifts in a series called "Garage Sale Geocoins"..... 24 months ago a pre-order thread would have already started! <_<

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Since it's a thread about opinions I'll share mine :)


I figure some coins are products of people like finger paintings come from kids. Sure they have their place, and can look kinda nice, but the fact is you don't keep it for the quality of the product. It's a gift and the giving is what matters and I surely don't get rid of finger paintings. I don't have kids of my own but my wife is a nanny for many families and let me tell you about the number of finger paintings we get. But we save them and store them knowing that one day the parents who threw out or gave away all those "nice" paintings will really want them one day because of the memories in receiving them.


Maybe thats the connection between so many of these "geo"coins. Like caching, it's not the prize at the end but the hunt and memories in finding and receiving; even if it is a micro in the woods. IMHO.


Of course if you bought the coin or whatnot, then trade away! :)

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