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Winter Solstice Today, longer days ahead

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We're having one of those once-in-a-decade storms here in Oregon, it's 30 degrees outside where I am, with several inches of snow topped with about a quarter inch of ice on top of it, it's crazy. I'm not going out caching, but this is giving me time to play with my brand-new DeLorme PN-40 and get maps and imagery loaded up in it!

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Here's something for you all to ponder: why is the earliest sunset NOT on the winter solstice, and why is the latest sunrise also NOT on the winter solstice?


For example, in the Seattle area where I live, the earliest sunset actually occurs around December 12, and the latest sunrise actually occurs around January 1.


Now the good news: I used to celebrate the solstice, but now I can also celebrate December 12 as the earliest sunset!


Here's some info: http://www.larry.denenberg.com/earliest-sunset.html

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Last night it warmed up to -26C... light snow flurries, better than last weeks -31C and clear...

Should get some snow over the next day or so which means a bit milder, around -20...or warmer...

Thank goodness the cold weather doesn't show up for a bit longer, since we have to get ready for avalanche season after Christmas...


Have a good holiday season all... whatever your holiday.



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Yesterday was Summer Solstice here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Sun rose at 05:59 and set 20:31 - giving us a day of 14:32 hours.


We had a max of about 85F with overcast skies most of the day. (Perfect caching weather but some of us have to work.)

Merry Xmas to all.

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