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out with the old, in with the new: question

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I have a question: There was a cache in one location that the owner decided to archive, I was thinking of placing a cache nearish where it was. As in out of the sight of the original cache area but not a full 10th of a mile away type thing. It's a pretty area and not far from me so easy to maintain.

The question is, after a cache is archived is that area no longer "blocked off". I think the listing would be approved and the previous cacher doesn't seem very interested in replacing a cache there but I'd like to know if that area remains blocked before I go through the work of placing.

Anyone know for sure?

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Yes the area is up for grabs and you can put a new cache there. One of my caches is where an old cache had been that was muggled. The owner hadn't made an attempt to replace it so I emailed them and ask if they needed help replaceing it, or if they would archive it so I could place one there. They lived 50 miles away and were getting out of caching and were glad to archive it. I put a cache there 2 days later.

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