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Pimp my (Nokia) phone for caching

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I have a Nokia N78 (picked because of the built in FM transmitter) that I am using for caching via Trimble Navigator and it all works fine - really good for spontaneous caching. But are there other applications out there that I could\should be using to make caching easier\better? For example, for rural caches I do miss having Memory Map which I have installed on my PDA.


Phone has A-GPS and locks on quickly but needle tends to be on a bit of a wobble board when stationary. I have a 4GB card which I only use for music at the moment and Nokia maps is installed (free for 3 months) but I haven't really used it (still use SatNav in car although NMaps does offer turn-by-turn directions)


So am I missing a trick? Could i be using the technology to even fuller advantage? Any suggestions, recommendations or pointers gratefully received.


Thanks in anticipation ;)



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This will give you a better fix when you get near GZ than the internal GPS. Reason I linked you to this one is because it uses the same charging point as your phone so you dont need an extra charging lead for it .


If you buy the bluetooth GPS why not treat yourself to this as well-


This is Tomtom IN your phone- full european mapping for the price of 2 years Nokia navigation and in my experience (use it in a 44 ton truck at weekends all over the UK for the last 2 years) a much superior product.

Nokia maps costs you about £50/year for spoken navigation (not something thats always made clear to you ).Nokia let you download the maps free but have to pay for the spoken directions and any data that you download when searching for destinations. With Tomtom you buy the package- voice and maps and use is free . You just pay for map upgrades as and when you want them (you don't have to upgrage every year).Downside is that it does not work with the internal GPS in your phone - you need the external bluetooth GPS to get this to work . There is talk of a programme to "crack" the Tomtom so it can use the internal GPS but I won't use it so can't comment on it.

Edit - it doesn't say it works for your phone but I'd guarantee that it will Tomtom is slow about testing .It works perfectly well in my N95 -8gb and the N95 -1 that I had before and they are not listed as compatible.

Beauty of this is when you get out of the car you take your phone with you so you don't leave your satnav behind for the theives.

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Forgot to add this little goodie -


When you take pictures with this running in the backgroung the co ordinates are stored with the picture data . When you download them to Nokia Photos it will place them on the map so you can see exactly where they were taken.Part of the OVI software suite.


View Ranger nothing beats it except you have to pay for the maps O/S Maps UK... Google View Ranger...


Smart GPX: SmartGPX.de Caching software for when you are out of phone range and Geocache navigator lets you down... Also can put cache locations on to Nokia Maps...


Also you can get Garmin XT for your phone as well....


Compass App to help point out where north is if you are feeling a little slow...


Nokia Sports Tracker to record where you have been....


I cannot think of any others at the moment but I am shure people will come up with more....



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