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Happy Holidays to one and all!

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:blink:Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :blink:




My holiday wish for all of you is that you have time during this busy and festive season to take a long walk in a quiet place to find a geocache. I hope that your journey renews your sense of wonder for the amazing playing field we've been blessed with so that we can enjoy our game. Centuries ago, a shining star guided three wise men to an unlikely treasure in an unexpected location. In 2009, may the satellites guide you successfully to all the hidden treasures you seek.

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Feliz Natal! Bom Ano Novo!


speaking on behalf of the portuguese geocaching community (and a few sock puppets too),

this is our wish to everyone out there, all over the world, wherever there's a latitude and a longitude and some hidden stash.


Photo: Christmas tree at Lisbon, Portugal (N38 43.840 W009 09.290)

(credits: supermariolxpt @ flickr)


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Season's Greetings to all from Finland!


Hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!




En etsi valtaa, loistoa,

en kaipaa kultaakaan,

mä pyydän taivaan valoa

ja rauhaa pääle maan.

Se joulu suo,

mi onnen tuo

ja mielet nostan Luojan luo.

Ei valtaa eikä kultaakaan,

vaan rauhaa pääle maan.


Luo köyhän niinkuin rikkahan

saa, joulu ihana!

Pimeytehen maailman

tuo taivan valoa!

Sua halajan,

sua odotan,

sa Heramaan ja taivahan,

nyt köyhän niinkuin rikkahan

luo suloinen joulu tuo!

by Zacharias Topelius



English translation:


I seek not power, glory or gold,

I wish for the light of Heaven and peace on Earth.

Let Christmas bring happiness

and put us in mind of heavenly things.

Neither power nor gold but peace on Earth.


May the wonder of Christmas come to both poor and rich;

Into Earth's darkness bring the light of Heaven.

For you I yearn, you I await, Lord of Earth and Heaven,

Now bring sweet Christmas to poor and rich.

by Mick Swithinbank

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