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What to do with a broken rec'ver (early in the morning)

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My GPSr has fallen a few times without consequence, but a few months ago, my GPS fell off the dashboard of my car, and hit that little metal thing you use to adjust your seat. Small little metal point = huge pressure, and the display was never the same again. The unit was still operable, however, and I cached a good month with it without any problems other than a wonky display.


Then the display would get garbled, and only a whack would fix it. Later on I had to squeeze the GPS at the sides to get the display to be useable, and eventually, two weeks ago, during a hunt for that FTF, it died. Plugged the unit into my PC confirmed that it's not only the display. No life whatsoever.


So I Googled a bit, found this site which shows you how to perform surgery on a Garmin eTrex. I didn't exactly have the right tools, but I figured I'd give it a go anyway.


Let's just say that the operation was not a success.


So what can I do with a broken GPSr? It's been a useful paperweight up to now, and makes my new GPS looks really great by comparison (GPSrs are WAY cheaper here in Europe). Maybe it could be handy as a frustration throw-thing, or possibly even a thief-decoy.


Any other ideas? :blink:

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Also hope to bump into Trixie - perhaps you can have a mission to meet up with south african cachers?


That's not a bad idea - I'll add that as a sub-mission.


Should have sent it to Avnic trading they would probably have replaced the unit for you at a small charge....


*Watches as plenty people run off to find the TB and move it before the owner knows what happened to it*


Doesn't look like the Dutch geocachers pay much attention to this forum... she's still sitting in her rectangular little box buried under... hey wait a minute... :angry:


I opted for an upgrade to a different model because with Trixie's low-sensitivity received ([whisper] she was useless for caching under trees [/whisper]) she was a brilliant little unit. I'm really sad that she's gone.

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Doesn't look like the Dutch geocachers pay much attention to this forum... she's still sitting in her rectangular little box buried under... hey wait a minute... :D


By coincidence mama beer stumbled upon this item...

Though the Netherlands is only small, Wassenaar still is a little too far off for de familie beer. :D If Trixie should find her way in our direction (not too far away from Eindhoven) we would like to introduce her to our GPS-r!

We placed her on our watch list... so all we can do now is wait... -_-

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Hey besem if you still got it get a quote from Avnic or give it to me Ill have a look for you. Send me a PM.




(; Trixie's havin' fun in the UK at the moment, so there's not much chance I'll get my hands on her again soon. Besides, she might have been repairable, but then I decided to open her up... but thanks for the offer!

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