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Honey where is my arctic polar gear?


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Right Now for

Denver, CO (80260)

Cloudy: 4°F

Feels Like: -5°F

Updated Dec 14 11:05 a.m. MT

UV Index: 1 Low

Wind: From ESE at 5 mph

Humidity: 65%

Pressure: 29.73 in.

Dew Point: -4°F



Too cold to go caching? Come on its my day off!!!

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Right Now for

Calgary, AB

Cloudy: -18°F (-28°C)

Feels Like: -40°F/C

Updated Dec 14 11:00 a.m. MST

UV Index: 1 Low

Wind: From NW at 11 mph (17 kph)

Humidity: 56%

Pressure: 30.73 in. (103.76 kPa)

Dew Point: -29°F (-34°C)



Too cold to go caching? Nah... <_< Just have to stay away from the lock'n'locks; they might be a bit brittle today.


Now we just need someone to report in from Saskatchewan; the wind chill in Swift Current right now is -46F/-49C. :laughing:

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We're ahead of your system and hit 52°F today which is a freaking heatwave for this time of year. (30 mph winds)


Heading down to 3°F tonight and keeping the strong winds.


I few years ago I was driving up through Wisconsin and had a little extra time to do some caching. -20°F, about a mile walk up through some hills, nobody knew where I was. I thought "Eh, better not."


The flip side is that I prefer to go caching when no one else is out and about. I have my Sorel boots and Carhart's with extra layers and a decent survival kit. But I definitely want to have someone know where I'm at.

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