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:D I've decided to do a cointest, because I've been feelin a lil bit goofy lately & We had our company party at Comedy Works,and The comic was very funny!!

The idea behind this cointest is to make me/you laugh, and have a good time.



You must type and finish the following sentence.....


"You know "you're" a Geocoin addict when..."




Any post without the above sentence will not count.


you may post once every half hour (30 min)


please do not edit your posts


The funniest one wins, or should I say the one that makes me laugh the longest/hardest or is the most creative.


Because this is my first cointest I reserve the right to change the rules at any time.


The Winner and their coin will be chosen by me(and is currently undecided) and will be sent the code to Activate under "Todies Wild Ride" and the coin will be set free to travel.


The Cointest will end 2 Sundays from now on the 28th.


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You know you're a geocoin addict ... when you put your coins in a safe case, or in a bank and you are waiting an interest from the bank, ...and you actually put them in your will too!!!! :laughing:


...my house will go to my beloved son, my car to my 3rd wife, and my geocoins to....memorial hospital to pay the doctors (or to a university for studies???) <_<

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You know you're a geocoin addict when you hate Sunday's because there's no mail service :laughing:


OMG! I actually said that to Johnslady56 last night.... Too Funny!!!


Someone get me to a meeting, QUICK! I need help!!


"Hi, my name is John and I AM a gecoin addict"

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You know you're a geocoin addict when you spend hundreds of dollars on computer graphics software to help you design geocoins, spend hours and hours trying to learn how to use it, then give up and draw by hand the design you had in mind all along.


Oh - and you keep having to reassure your spouse that the money you had to have for that new computer graphics software will come in handy for your daughter's school projects someday. :laughing:

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