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Oregon and Nroute

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I am wondering if anyone connected their Oregon to work with Nroute. I can't seem to get mind to work.

My 60cx connects great to Nroute but not the Oregon.

I have Spanner installed and the Oregon connects to my Touratech software, but Nroute is far better.

Any help, advice or comments would be great.

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I have the interface set to Garmin Spanner. When I plug it in, I am given the option of going into Mass Storage mode or not. If I say NO, then it stays in GPS mode and I connect to nRoute with no problem.


Thats right, i too have the interface set to Spanner but it still would not work. I was using Garmin's Spanner

software for other applications and thought it was necessary to use it for Nroute...not so. I found out that just

setting the interface to Spanner works for Nroute.

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It is a little confusing. Putting the Oregon in Spanner mode allows it talk PVT over USB. Garmin's applications like nRoute can all talk PVT. However if you are using a 3rd party application which doesn't have support for PVT you can run the Spanner program on your PC which converts PVT to NMEA, a commonly supported standard.


Info here: http://garmincolorado.wikispaces.com/Tracking (this is for the Colorado but it works the same on the Oregon)

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