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Garmin forerunner 301

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I really don't think it has any kind of navigation use at all. It uses the GPS signal to keep track of speed and distance covered, and it saves a track you can download and put on a map, but I don't think it has anything like a map display or even coordinates even, don't think it would work at all for what you want.


Thanks, he just mentioned last night that on the edit screen it had lat/long. He is a like fitness like golf for me. Every time a new device or club comes out, we have to have it.

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I can't speak for the 301, but I have a 201. (I believe they are similar except for the heart rate monitor) You can save and navigate to waypoints with it no problem. I have found several caches with it while I was out running and didn't want to carry my bigger CSx.


Yes, the 301 works the same way.

I have found a number of geocaches with a 301.

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Excellent, good to see I was wrong. I just went to Garmins website for info, and none of the screenshots really had anything like a navigation-looking display, and didn't see anything in the description about that either, but hearing from people who have them means a lot more.


I don't have my 301 anymore, but from what I remember is was not all that easy to geocache with it.

It could be done, but just not as easy as with my etrex legend.


Have fun and enjoy.

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