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COINTEST OVER: GeoResolutions


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It's tempting to break this into 6 posts :blink:!


Goal 1 will be tough if I don't hit goal 6 as well.


1) Reach 3000 geocaches

2) Release 500th geocoin into wild

3) Hide more of the caches that are sitting around in my workshop (mostly ammo cans and unusual containers)

4) Find 100th cache in SC (so I’ll have 100+ in each state bordering NC)

5) Find a cache in a state that I haven’t cached in previously

6) Keep up with caching when my son heads off to college (could be the toughest – I’ll miss my caching buddy)

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I hope this year to make my geocoins 100 (hmm... I do not think I can do it, but you never know!!)!

How far do you have to go?? Remember one more is on the way!!


Well, I do not know, but I do not have many! I haven't counted them but I have less than 40 for sure!!! :blink:


I also hope this year to release my first travel bugs, and to find the old version of TB's to keep it in my collection! I have seen the older version recently! they look a lot like the military ID tags for the neck!!!

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My first geo-resolution would be to keep caching fun. There have been a couple of times during the past year when something or someone ticked me off and caching wasn't fun any more. After taking a step back I realized that the only way that can happen is if I let it happen.

There are too many places I haven't seen and too many people I haven't met to let a couple of minor irritants overshadow things.

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Ok, now something I really need to do in the new year! To keep the fun in geocaching, and to keep the fun in my sister and my brother in law! they are new married (they were married on October 26th!), so they may not have enough time... :blink:


Since my brother in law is the driver and the GPS keeper....


Ok, Ok..... if I become an unckle soon....I will not care! I can go geocaching alone or.... :blink::huh:

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I'd like to increase my cache finds to 200. Of course, I said that last year, but with the price of gas, an old car and now, great distances to travel for new cache finds, that didn't happen, so I'm looking for a modest 39 new cache finds this year.


Aw come on... go all out and make it 40! :blink:

Wow, with a location called Mount Desert Island, it sounds like getting home is a 5/5.

I just Googled some pics and it just became a place I would really like to get to see in person some time.

Happy Holidays!

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Win a COINTEST! :blink: ;-)


Place enough caches (and good ones) to get my area 'on the map'

Finish the Delorme VA challenge.

Hook a bunch more muggle friends into the game!

Double my 'cached in states' total.


Oh this is fun ... I am sure there are more.


Oh yes - create a 'signature' log - like leaving a poem or quote AND a 'signature' cache 'dropping'.

Take a picture of every TB and Cache I do.

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I have started a series of caches to promote benchmarking, as well as pay homage to Seinfeld. I have only placed 2 caches in this series thus far, but have gotten some great feedback. In the next year, I hope to expand the series even further.


NOTE...if anyone is interested in looking at these caches, search for the keyword "Yadda Yadda Yadda". The are in south-central PA (so far).

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Being a fairly new geocacher -- I started in June 2008. Already I have almost 200 caches found. So, my goal this year would be:


In Geocaching:


To Reach 500 caches

To add 3 more states to my map

To hide 20 caches for the year

To mint my very first geocoin


In Life:


To be healthy and happy


What more can you ask for???



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Originally I had a goal of hitting 100 finds in 2008, but when I passed that a few months ago, I upped my goal to 200 by the end of 2008. Unfortunately, my husband fell ill for several months and we didn't make it out caching for nearly 2 months and our 200 finds goal no longer seems possible.


For 2009, I resolve to reach 500 finds while adding 5 states to my map and 50 hides (currently have 6) and get my rapidly growing coin collection organized in a nice book rather than the tupperware it is currently housed in.


Thanks for the cointest!

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My georesolutions (in no particular order) are:


1) Reach 500 finds (currently at 308)

2) Finally place the 6 ammo cans I've been saving for a cache series for almost 6 months now.

3) Reach at least the 4/4 level of the Well Rounded Cacher matrix

4) Place more diabolical puzzle caches

5) Mint a personal coin

6) Mint at least one other coin (besides the one already in the works)

7) Knock off at least 2 more of the First Post series before more are archived

8) Start buying food for my family instead of geocoins ;)

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In 2009, two goals, one somewhat related to geocaching, the other definitely related to geocaching...


A. I resolve to report my qualifying gc.com benchmark finds to the NGS.


B. I resolve to do more caching with friends. Especially the ones I haven't cached with in a long while.

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Oh my Gosh - folks are making lists......well, I could do that too!


1. My kids would like me to resolve to no longer cache in my Crocks!

2. My Geofriends I cache with would like me to resolve not to fall down so much!

3. My hubby would like me to stop buying so many geocoins!

4. I would like to keep up my momentum and reach 2000 caches!

5. Caching in Alaska on a cruise with my hubby, best HS buddy and her SO would be another great goal.

6. Last but not least to go on some memorable geocaching treks and/or attend events with my children and grandchild.


Cache on - cache happy folks! Happy New Year!

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I resolve to completely STOP wearing sandals Geocaching!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!


;) There must be a story there somewhere. Greenbriars, snow and sand spurs have been an occasional nuisance, but I would hate to give up my sandles when caching!


Edited to add:


Wait a minute, I can use this as an entry.


I resolve to contune wearing my Tevas whenever I can while caching!

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2009 Goals


I would like to have a minimum of five coin designs made into coins. Of these designs I would like to see (3) New concepts of coin construction actually introduced and produced into a coin.


I would like to release at least (1) coin per month into the field.

I would like to reach 500 finds before the end of summer.

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