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Compass Roses Pendant and Coin

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Reservations ending Dec-18-2008

(Reservations only no money collected)


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Compass Roses Pendant and Coin

Reservations: Dec-18-2008 Expected Release : Jan-24-2008


A few words from the Artist: While at the GeoCoin Fest in Pittsburgh I noticed a couple women wearing a coin around their neck so I thought a coin pendant designed specifically to be worn would be a nice addition for the coin community. I wanted something that could be used as a gift for a loved one obvously intended for a woman. It would need to say I love you, and would need to be easily acceserized with earings that could match, thus the gold finish. I plan on giving one to my wife as her "heart of gold" is inspiring to me. This project while the conception is mine the design was a cooperative project and thus you would need to answer for yourself on that regard.


The coin evolved from the pendant with the basic Premise being the question "Why does a compass rose coin never have a rose on it?" Well I have never seen one but Now I can say I have. The valentine or Love Compass is a true compass rose to spell your love to that someone special in your life


Buy the set wear the pendate and send your love Caching!


Reserve Yours Now


Size: Pendant-28x25mm Coin-40

Editions: Pendant - gold Coin - gold, silver, antique gold, antique silver, and AE (two-tone)

Designed By: Wes Miller

Artwork By: Wes Miller

Produced By: Atwell Family

Special Features: Pendant and Coin Set, mutiple layers

Trackable: www.geocaching.com (will have icon)


Reserve Yours Now


There are only 20 of the LE coins left and about the same Pendents. I will take those off the page when the numbers get closer.

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Hi Mike,


In your post an antique gold is mentioned but it didn't appear on the reservations page yesterday.


Edit: Maybe I wasnt quick enough off the mark. Was it an LE ?

I can't sell them all up front and the artist might might something no one else has. :)



LE Coin and Pendant SOLD OUT!!!

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Coins are in and will ship this week. There are still unpaid invoices and should be paid within the month or your order could be forfeited.


Please contact me in you ordered and have not received an invoice or have an issue with paying by the end of the month.


Will the pendants be restocked? I'm pretty sure my wifes geocoin necklace was one of the ones that inspired the artist at the GeoCoinFest and I'd love to give her one of the Compass Rose pendants for her birthday, but I guess I was sleeping and missed out on the sale. :laughing:


Edit: after posting, I rechecked the website and was delighted to see pendants back in stock. Order sent - Thank You! :huh::):)

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I Guess that I'll have to wish for one of the pendants :)


Wish hard.

My two arrived today, and sorry, they are just too wonderful to give away,


Well just yet.....

I am thinking of one young geocacher here in NZ that it is perfect for...

Maybe, with the exchange rate improving, I might be tempted to get more.


Wow! Mike - what a great pendant. Well done

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I Guess that I'll have to wish for one of the pendants :D


If you wish hard enough and REALLY believe, wishes can sometimes come true...



Oh YEAH, I REALLY DO Believe ;)THANK YOU so very much, when I saw what was in the envelope, i gasped and got a tad bit misty eyed. What a terrific gesture. I LOVE IT ! ! ! !

Such a wonderful community we have here.

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