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BIRTHDAY MISSION 2009 ~ in smaller groups


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Went to the customhouse today.

They thought it was sth. i purchased in the USA and as i said it is a birthdaypresent they didn't believe me :)


After a discussion I was able to take the package home :)


And i must say: This is the most amazing mission-package i've ever seen


I can't describe all the stuff in there...it's just too much :santa::huh: ....But i will try it if i post the pictures :P


I try to take some picturen in the afternoon and post them later :D


I'm still totally happy and amazed about this great birthday mission.


Can't thank you enough Finamore Family :D

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Went to post that we sent out our birthday mission(couple of weeks ago). Also to wish our mission, Dark Elf a happy Birthday. What a great surprise to us, that our mission was received & well liked. It's always great to do something for someone else but it's even better when you know they like it..... :unsure:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. We don't ship out of USA often, I hope it isn't true that you needed to pay something for your mission?? That should have been done when we paid to ship it their? SORRY!

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Thank you everyone, for keeping this mission alive all year!

To the volunteers each two month period, those who sent gifts, those who gracefully acknowledged their incoming gifts.


You are a great bunch, that I could allow to this mission to run it's course without keeping up very often.

Our lives cannot be forecast in advance, and this year turned very busy for me. So I am so grateful to see the wonderful posts!

WAY TO GO, y'all

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I literally got the flu and my BD Mission on the same day. I'm just returning to the land of the living. :laughing: Turlutortue sent me many goodies.........THANKS SO MUCH! I'll post a pic soon.

Thanks for posting, I was worried a bit you didn't receive it, that's why I wrote to you. Glad you like your BD gifts.

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Went to visit family for birthdays & holiday, since everyone is out of state. To the kids surprise they found birthday missions waiting for them. We just got in last night, from the the first week in December & straight to school today :D We will give a more detailed update over the weekend, just letting you know we received!!!!! Thank you!! :D:D

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I would really LOVE some info on the BCA Pink Ribbon Clipper.

Where do you get one.



I ran a Google search of "Victorinox pink ribbon" and came up with several places. With several different prices. It is very nice, it has the tweezers and the toothpick in it also. Needless to say it is in the tool compartment of my caching bag!

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Well, just to let you know that my BD mission (nov 27) as yet to arrive :) , but I think mine was sent by Chickahominy in replacement for somebody else on dec 1st. So I am not that worried, but still waiting patiently. :)


Yes, it was sent out to you around the first. Let me know when it gets there... and Happy Birthday!

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Will there be missions for january and february birthdays too. I do not have the time to host anything myself but I would be happy to participate if someone takes it on. Both my daughters have their birthdays in january aand hubby is a februaryman.


Hope for someone to do this.


grodan Karin


Shameless bump here.

grodan Karin

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