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Your Geo-Pet buddies


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Not on my computer but I will post a picture later:


Efa is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Not really great at sniffing out caches so much as keeping me on the alert for muggles/animals

[insert pic later]

Charlie is a mutt that has a great nose on him. Usually if I can't find a cache, I will take charlie with me the next time and he hasn't failed me yet.


[insert pic later]

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This is Thunder - we rescued him shortly after we started Geocaching. He's almost 15 years old but is in great shape.


We didn't name him Thunder, we found out that was his name by calling the vet's tag he was wearing when we found him. Coincidentally both Laura and I wear Mjolnirs (Thor's Hammers), so he's a totem as well as a great friend and companion.



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My human takes me everywhere. I especially enjoy events as they have lots of laps.






You don't know me but my mommy and daddy told me all about you and I even sniffed your scent in their dirty clothes bag for the GW6 trip. Maybe you smelled me on them too. My hair gets freakin' everywhere, or so my mommy says. :D


I took a separate vacation in Santa Fe with my Aunt Lisa/Momma. That's why I wasn't there. Maybe I'll see you/get to sniff your butt at GW7. :)


I think you'll like me. I'm quite the dog about town. I have pooped in or otherwise marked territory in 13 states while helping my daddy find caches.


That's ME:



My dog mama (Lilly) is on the left and that's my daddy in the middle:



That's my brother Micro Chip. He lives in Austin.:

(I guess you can see who got all the looks.) :huh::D:D


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Great dogs!!!


Here is Moxie, doing her very best not to attack the bunny TB. She was sorely tempted to rip the stuffing out of it, but was very good and kept her "stay" and "leave it". Her name is not geocaching related, other than she does have plenty of Moxie, which is a good geocaching trait! :D




No trades for this pup!



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Tory is my geo-companion. Actually, she answers best to "Darnit Tory" (cleaned up to be kid-friendly!). We adopted her at 8 months, so she was already named. Her registered name is "Victory Lap", which is what I do when I find that particularly fiendish hide, so I guess it could be kind of a cache name (Yes, I'm stretching it abit). What I call her is also fitting for the DNFs!

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This is Buddy, my geocaching partner. The first cache we found was in a dog park and contained a dog toy. Buddy learned fast that geocaching is fun. When we get close and start visually searching, he frantically noses through the brush looking for the treasure.


We're both new to the sport, but it looks like a great way to spend quality time with man's best friend.

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She's named after a couple or our favorite characters/actors (NCIS, ER) - Abby.

I'm partial to that name myself. :blink:


Seriously, some lovely pups, everyone - love the new puppy in the OP! I have cats, and they aren't inclined to cache, although I know a local cacher who has a cat that hikes and caches with them.

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No geo-names for ours, but they both have their own caches.


Ali was a great caching hound as always stuck close by us and could be trusted 100%. Sadly he died in 2006, but his cache is still going and his travel bug is out and about in Norway at the moment. He's the reason I started caching as I stumbled across one whilst checking out a new walk for him. I still miss him terribly when caching.





Ted is not quite so good as a cache hound, as I don't trust him 100% off lead. Searching for a cache with him on his lead is a pain. Tie him to something and he'll cry and whinge. He also has a cache named after him. He is enormous fun though and I often relent after saying I'm not going to take him caching, as he gets so excited when he sees me getting my outdoor gear together.





Nice to see the other dogs here, and especially the sighthounds.

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