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COINTEST: Traditions Cointest

Wandering Vikings

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This was so hard to judge! All of the traditions were so much fun to read, and it was interesting how many were similar to each other- and similar to the traditions both Holmbiorn and I grew up with!


In the end (after much discussion and many revisions to the list) we picked the following-

First place, for bringing back memories of my childhood and the tradition I want to continue :D -

I guess this is a "tradition"....it's something that my family has always done. On Christmas morning we open our presents...but we open them one at a time and we take turns. And we always have to guess what each present is...it's pretty funny.


Second place and something we are going to start once we have kids (though we may change it to a turtle :( )-

a tradition i remember when i was a child was on the 12 days before xmas, my mother would each day hide one of my frogs somewhere in the family room, and i would have to hunt for it. i used to look forwards to this little game of hunt the frog, as she always hid a little packet of candy or chocolate with it.


and Third place for a great way to keep extended family involved :P -

My family has a sweet tooth. Not sure how it all came to be, but we all ended up with it. As far back as I can remember we would go out for ice cream for birthdays.


Thank you so much to everyone who entered, this was such a hard descision!

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My son is two this Christmas and reading all the traditions really sparked some discussion about what traditions we were going to continue (and initiate) with our son. Thank you to everyone who contributed and congrats to the winners!


Thanks S&H for a wonderful cointest idea!

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We won?! Yea!!! I'm so happy.....(and just as a note...my husband and I do the 12 days of christmas presents before christmas because I hate waiting...so anyway...he wraps his presents in cracker boxes and stuff so I have no idea what they are...and I just wrapped his normally tonight....so he easily guessed that he got a chocolate bar tonight while I had NO idea about the book light that he got me since it was in a Hamburger Helper box!! lol.) Thanks again for the contest! I loved reading about everyone's traditions!!

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Well my goodness! Congrats to everyone!!


I'm actually away from home in North Carolina visiting with the whole family for the first time in YEARS! It's great to be here for all the traditions, but the travel was a bugger with all the big snow storms in Portland and Minnesota...and rains here in NC when I arrived. 19 hours later, I made it and get to top it off with a cointest win!


Thank you so much for the cointest, and the coin! We did make it out for some treats once we were all together and celebrated my sister's birthday in style.


Cheers! email on the way!

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