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How is the price of Gas affecting your Geocaching.


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Last Spring and Summer there were a number of threads about how the High price of Gas was limiting certain aspects of Geocaching.


At least temporarily, that is reversed - so for all those that answered the first thread - How have things changed? Are you caching more?


(We dropped to $1.35 a gallon for 87 Octane here this morning!!)

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When the price of gas was rising it did not have a massive impact on my caching. Before oil hit its peak I moved to a very cache rich area from an area that I had cached out. So I wasn't having to drive as far to find some as I had been doing before. Now since the price has dropped I have found most caches in my immediate area and I am venturing out further in the new area. The price decrease is helping me save for a new GPSr though.

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The extra few Dollars that the high gas prices cost us for our geocaching really did not have any impact on what we hunted or when. Now that prices have come back down for the moment I will need to see if I can figure out a way to convince certain team members that we should be out caching more in order to take advantage of the current "deal"! :D

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The price of gas didn't really affect my caching either as there are tons of caches in my area and I started caching pretty much during peak gas prices. Now that prices have come way down ($1.50-ish) I'm not doing much caching but that's because it gets dark at 5pm and my new job has me very busy. Oh, and it's really cold here too. That kind of puts a damper on things. :D

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Have gas prices changed? Didn't really notice. But changes in gas prices would have zero impact on my caching. Regardless of a buck difference here or there, gas is still the cheapest energy source available. At least until we all get those "Mr. Fusion" nuclear reactors on our time machines and can just use bannana peels to go whereever we want...

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I tried to do most of my caching on my Goldwing over the summer when the prices were high. Still over $20 to fill it was outragous. Now that winter has set in the bike in the garage and I'm using the truck so with the cheaper prices it all works out to about the same cost per mile.

I know I feel a lot better about running off on a 40 mile roundtrip for 1 or 2 caches. The Jeep was needing about $64 to fill it up and now needs less than $20.

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The only difference here in "Yurp" is that where we had a relatively blissful period of only paying twice as much as Americans for gas(about $9/gal versus $4.50 last spring), now we're back to the traditional three-and-a-bit times as much. Probably more in the UK, where the pound is not having a happy time right now.


(Actually, at "twice as much per gallon", our overall gas costs were probably about the same as the average American's, what with higher population density, more use of public transportation, and generally better fuel economy.)

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