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Bernice Hill - Are you out there?


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I owe her coins but she moved and said hang on to them. The old email does not work and I don't have her geonick either. Anyone know how to get a hold of her?


Thanks for the help.



Sure thing Mike, just ship me those coins and I'll keep send them on! lol


Just kidding, I know not the person you search for! Good luck, my friend!

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Aha Mike,

I could of hand delivered the coins to Bernice when I took my trip to Australia. Wish I would have known you were searching for her. I had a great time meeting her and then being with her and her family while we attended a BBQ put on by Michief's Crew. If Bernice does not come about and contact you, I have her home addy and I will ask her if it is okay to give it to you. JODI

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Thanks for reopening the thread Eartha ;)

And thanks to all who stepped up and offered my name.


Most of you know by now that my family and I made the big move to the land down under. We moved here with 6 suitcases and spent some time in Korea and Singapore.

We are settled now, with everything we own being purchased in the last couple of months (by me). Our shipment which contains what we deemed 'necessities' is still not here. Funny, the things you think of as necessities but can live without.

Anyway to make a long story short all of my trades, purchases, missions, addresses pertaining to the coin world (and coins!!!) are in a hard drive in a computer God knows where...

Since I purchased some coins just before we moved I asked those vendors to hold on to the coins until I had an Aussie address. I kept a contact list on the computer but should've printed out a copy because there are probably a few more coins that I am expecting from other vendors.

Thanks Mike, for contacting me about the coins it shows that you are an outstanding businessman who cares about getting the product out to the customer.

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